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I am often accused of being a liberal, I am not. Just because I am a bit learned and like to study subjects and only then form my own opinions instead of listening to some one else and parroting what I hear does not mean that I am some kind of lefty.
I have previously written that we have too many poor and they keep reproducing more poor. That we should offer young girls a stipend until they have a child and then it stops. I have also proposed that the poor should be put up in barracks, separated by gender and then fed in a mess hall, so when it comes to this I am not so far away from the main stream of the Republican Party.

Indiana GOP candidate: 'No one has the guts' to let poor people 'wither and die'

There are, however, two side to a ledger, if we go through with my proposals, Walmart and Dollar stores will lose customers, not only that, pawn shops, furniture rental stores and such will go out of business. The police will write fewer tickets and face layoffs, no drug dealers to bust, no prostitutes to pay the DA and the court system, or lawyers and bondsmen. Lot of people will complain that their rentals properties are vacant and worthless, cable company, power company, phone company may increase rates due  to fewer customers. Of course used car maker will be dead too, and so on.
Some of the things to think over!

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