Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Iran the new best friend

A friend indeed
We must not be ashamed at all when we screw people over until we need them. That is what our common culture has become, has it not. We have friends, then we have "friends with benefits", we have marriages with prenuptials , so it goes.

Did we not try to create unrest in Iran in 2009 after their elections,
Luckily Iran did not end up in same place as say Syria, Iraq or Egypt, we tried.
We tried to implicate Iran in various terror plots against the US, no matter how far fetched and improbable, we tried.

We said that Iranians were helping Bashar in Syria while McCain was out there "hamming it up" with our favorite terrorists.
Of course we were supporting the terrorists in Syria , still are, we trained them and paid for their equipment but mow the snakes are biting, did I not talk about snake handlers a year ago?
So here we are asking for help from Iran, can they be trusted? Can Iranians be trusted? What of the give the terrorist a free passage to the gulf, then?

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