Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fool Me Once, Economics 101

Fool Me Once , Economics 101

There is an adage about making the same mistake, it says one is crazy, I might say one is stupid. But we do not believe that our leaders, our finance ministers or bankers are stupid, or crazy, I believe, I know they are a bunch of thieves and crooks scamming the nations, stealing money from governments and leaving the populace broke.

We have "known austerities, and "unknown austerities" and we have "known unknown austerities", to paraphrase a minster of ( master of) thieves.

Back in the days of Jimmy Carter I happened to take accounting I&II, so I know how to balance the books, apparently we must be paying our financiers to blow smoke up our panties or they would have known how. For the umpteenth time I will explain.
I heard the inflation is low, now if you can not buy a house because housing is way up, health care costs are through the roof and higher education, forget that! So some one is either lying or is freaking ignorant as carp pile .
I have elsewhere explained how only the rich can cause inflation
Is BBC AND OTHER MEDIA STUPID? I know financial news only and already caters only to the rich then who will speak the truth to you and I?
The way I see it, the problem is not low inflation, the real problem is lower taxes that are allowing the rich to "buy" parking space near their work for more than an average person will make in their lifetime
Then the problem, the governments must borrow more and more to keep going while the rich can buy politicians to lower their taxes. This will not, can not end well.

While the social spending goes up and then cut back, lowering the standard of living for millions, the rich, the job creators are taking that money to "invest in bonds" or to gamble with in stock markets.
The job creators actually are cutting jobs ( improving productivity) the governments are forced to borrow more and spend more to keep the working poor down, and keep them quiet, sometimes it is also called social spending, or to create jobs by
Increasing infrastructure spending for the benefit of the rich, better roads and air ports.

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