Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cannibalism Redefined, part 9

Cannibalism Redefined, part 9

What would you think of a child that was raised, breast fed even, by a mother that the child decided to/ may be actually killed?

It seems to me that some of my friends do believe that having their head up their, or someone else's ass makes them down to earth.

I used to drive a cab in West Palm beach. In 1974 the minimum wage was $1.85 an hour, I drove a twelve hour shift, six days a week, on good days making $30 or 40. No benefits.
Then I was hired by the City of West Palm Beach as an electrician, starting pay $7.25 an hour, sick leave, pension, paid holidays and retirement, imagine that.
In 1985 when I started in civil service, I joined the union on day one.

Here in south people are "Republicans", I know many on strike there did not vote for Democrats. I am neither of these. It is common here for people on welfare and medicaid to be republican, a friend that received workman's comp and unemployment also is a republican. I have lived in the third world, if it was not for the safety nets today, our America would be a third world country too.
And then the argument that the soldiers get paid less, I know, I was guarding ammo dumps in snow up to you know where at $360 a month. But I also know that the aviation safety, aviator training, and the lives of these soldiers we so adore depends on the work of these same people you are bad mouthing, think about it! Do you want some back yard mechanics or welfare recipients do their job.
Time to get that head out.

You know I am against big corporate stores in favor of small business, I call it survival strategy. If you want I will post a link about economy.

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