Sunday, April 06, 2014

A NEW WAY TO SEE part one

I realize that most (if not all) newsmen, politicians, economists, and pundits do not live in the everyday world, if not already way out there in some la-la land.

I read these high fluting, high brow commentaries and ideologies and I want some of what they are smoking too, desperately.

It is not news that particular person, publications, pundits and politicians will ALWAYS have same ideas and same attitudes on any given subject, my problem is that all is so predictable as to not be of any worth as news or commentary at all. This incestuous relation is dangerous to the future, not only to us but to the future of the globe.

Be it Crimea or Cameroon, Syria or Somalia, Palestine or Pakistan, education or economics (and so on) our thoughts do not evolve, we refuse to change our mindsets.
One obvious clue here is when in every situation and on every turn when things are not the way like them we invoke the name Hitler or some other jackass in history, no matter how dishonest or far fetched, there it is.
Then it is the terrorism, all Muslims must be terrorists. This no matter how ugly they are treated, by local police, or a nation bent on bombing them indiscriminately it is OK.
We have changed languages to hide our dishonesty. If the Africans are starving, no problem, they can just die of being food insecure, problem solved. If we plant it it, it is a land mine ( if someone else does it it is an IED, criminals use IEDs good people kill and maim with land mines, feel better, does it not. Like the ad about buzzed driving.
We solved the problem about global warming too, just call it climate change.

So on, it is not that we do not have better ideas, problem is we are vested in status quo and refuse to promote new paradigms, a new future of new possibilities.

At national political level too, the above mentioned characters are more interested in promoting their own selves and securing their own futures as opposed to national well being and that of their own particular "gang of thieves", and this applies to all nations and peoples.
We must get away from true and tried to save humanity.

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