Monday, April 28, 2014

Cannibalism Redefined, part 8

Reminds me of the movie "Django" where the slave owners used slaves to fight each other, to punish each other, even to kill each other. Today all the American workers are those slaves.

Cannibalism Redefined, part 8

Last night a local union on the military base next door went on strike, I don't care why, I am with them. In recent years the American workers have been shafted by their bosses and by their government so someone has to take a stand.

I have talked to a couple of people locally about the situation. But what can I say, you know this is the South, we worship the rich because Reagan said so, we hate the unions, because Reagan and Rush say that they are bad for your health and they eat your babies too. Let me assure you that I have lived next to the military base for a long time and raised three kids, the unions do not eat your babies.

One contractor said to me they get paid way too much, buy many cars and live in big houses. But to those that have been misled that rich people create jobs, let me remind AGAIN that rich do not create jobs that you have been brain washed in to believing by those that you trust.
Whether you work at the local barbecue joint, the Waffle House or any such place, the "rich" are not coming there, it is mostly working stiffs that may make a bit more than you or even a lot, like may be even 80 or 90 grand a year, These are the ones that live in bigger house where you cut their yard, you clean their house or you child baby sits for them, they are the real job creators, The Middle Class. And if you are an average house builder or sub contractor you may be even build their house, the really rich, you probably don't know where they live, couldn't go there because they have guards that shoot.

Our politicians are always enamored of the rich, the rich put money in their pocket and buy them elections, then they own the politicians like their lil lap dogs. The politicians lie to you that they are bringing you jobs by opening a Walmart and soon so see the dogs roaming the down town where hundreds of small businesses used to be, the independent business man raising a family could not put thousands in the pocket of the elected and so he got dumped.
These union workers may make a bit more than you, (may even be sorrier workers than you are( hard for me to believe that), but they ARE the real back bone of this community, they are the ones buying homes here and supporting local schools and churches, not some big corporation sucking at the governments tit and taking the monies to where ever the heck. The union pay stays local, it is spent here, it helps here.

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