Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cannabalism Redefined, part4

Cannabalism Redefined, part4

I am a hypocrite, may be my writings make think I am kind or generous or even forgiving, I am not.
I am 62, I have lived in four different countries, on three continents, for at least four years. I have lived in eight different societies, learnt seven distinct languages, I have been a watcher of humanity, at many different levels. This no credit to me, I was conniving enough to keep from getting hurt or thrown out or rejected.

What I know is what I learnt from osmosis, to survive, even to thrive, what I say is what I learnt about humanity and what it will take for the humanity to make it in the long run, as humanity.
Bottom line, to me all humanity is the same, all humans are the same, I am no better than anyone, not do I consider any other human better or superior to myself no matter how.
Once we reach this point, other problems of humanity can be solved equitably, judiciously and peacefully, right, true and honest information is the key.

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