Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cannibalism Re Explained

Cannibalism re-explained

As it has been my effort with @CNN about the missing flight #MH370, we must ask the right questions to get the right response.
Sometimes we fail to ask these right questions only because we do not know what to ask, that because due to lack of our own knowledge. I, sometimes, try to first explain, what I am trying to explain, for a reason. We all do not always agree as to what a word or a phrase means. Why I use a term in way that you were never shown to use.
May be because I see the world a bit different than others, where everything is connected, like it or not, where the consequences of action A are exactly those of the action B even though A and B are not only not similar or may actually be totally opposites of each other.

If I haven't lost you already, hang in there, I am trying hard.

So what is (human) cannibalism and what does it have to do with free trade and open markets

While back I wrote a series I called, " I roads lead to hell", it is on my blog if you want a link. I tried to show how our policies, liberal or conservative, financial or social will always have the SAME outcome, and will be detrimental to the average person.

More to follow on this

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