Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cannibalism redefined, part 2

Cannibalism redefined, part 2

@tombstone001: A newcomer to a big city walks in to traffic, or falls down a manhole while admiring the high rise buildings, #humans !

We are nothing if we are not enamored by the new things we have, we wouldn't know how we would survive without them, we do not see how the ones before us ever survived without.
In this we are willing to do anything, worship any god, and follow anyone that promises us continued and ever expanding universe of expanding goods, easy life, unlimited riches, noting has changed in human history. We followed Jim Jones, David Koresh and we followed Rasputin, no nothing has changed.
These things do not come without cost and we are ever willing to pay any cost, people used to sacrifice their own kids.
May be we need to redefine cannibalism. Just as I discussed that we can not define murder yet, may be similarly we can not define cannibalism also, I try here to make it clearer, or muddier.
Let's say you and I are stranded on an island, all that stands between us and death is a can of beanie weenies, just one can, that night I just find a big rock and smash your brains. Now I have not committed any cannibalism have I, think!
May be I did, I have committed cannibalism, but mind is at ease, I did not commit cannibalism
Swallow this much. Rest.

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