Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cannibalism Redefined, part 6

Cannibalism Redefined, part 6

It is understood that words have meanings, also known is the fact that words effect emotions and feelings, thus opinions.
Aldous Huxley talks about "double speak" to make this clear, change the words and you change the thinking and thus human behaviors.

Throughout history, a majority of humanity has found eternal comfort in lasting and persistent ignorance, rather than to go through the pain of learning and opening their minds.

In psychology there is a thought that if you want children to learn to speak early, clear and even be smarter then do not use "baby talk". So what when we start talking to adults in baby talk? "Veggies" is one word I refuse to use.
May be it is not intentional, but the psychologists, the clergy, the politicians and specially the media treat us like we are kids ( a bunch of fools) and we are eating it up. And we do it to ourselves too, not without help mind you. We must like being treated like fools or they would not dare.
One more thing for today. You have heard of "ADD" also called "ADHD". Now most of these kids used to be called "retarted", unable to concentrate, pay attention or stay on task. Of course you and I know that a grown up must be able to pay attention, stay on task, think.
Then we are told that people today have a short attention span, college kids fall asleep in class or are on "social media", ( in my own teaching days, I would have called it playing with one's self).
This compounds the problem, you are getting screwed but your mind is distracted, sadly it is also happening in IRL more than you think.

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