Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A New Way to See, part three

For everyone that would eat dog meat or pork or bitter melon we have others that would disagree, vehemently, and show us the evils of the practice. Same is true of politics too. Liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, communist or capitalist, we are all more concerned with the evils of the other, never seeing anything wrong with our own way, let alone be reasonable and see something good, anything, in the thinking of the others, this why I would use the analogy of a religion, and why I say that politics has become religion.

We also forgive the sins of our politicians, too quickly, they may be crooks, liars, thieves or thugs matters not if they are promoting our "political philosophy", stoke our egos and our ignorance, no likes to be proven stupid so how can we ever admit that our politicians are wrong.
Whether they are running the economy in to dirt while enriching themselves or stealing money for their friends by giving them government contracts, it all OK.

No one sees the irony of the Southern poor supporting the republican party and tax cuts while collecting welfare benefits and asking for lower wages and cuts in unemployment or medicaid.

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