Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A New Way to See, part two

Any "honest" banker or say a billionaire can tell you that when we talk about money in today's economy we are talking about something that does not exist in reality, it is all in your head.

A while back I had said, " economics is not a science and politics is not a religion". I do not wish to offend anyone of faith, but let's see, say someone has grown up eating dog meat or apes, pork or bitter melons, shrimp or sausage, it hard to convince them that what do is "wrong" as much as it is to convince some one that there is actually nothing wrong with eating the stuff they don't eat.

Yet there is no way out. "Our brains may have grown with the evolution, our minds, not so much".

We are blind to our current realities, the future of mankind gets dimmer by the minute, yet we are driving head long, in to the abyss.

I enjoy the modern comforts, air conditioning, six cars fir my family of five, indoor plumbing, still some times when washing dishes I wonder how many people in the world have no clean water even to drink while I use gallons to clean a few tea cups. How many wars to keep me in cheap petroleum, and how many starve ( I despise the phrase " food insecurity") while my cat only eats can food.

In the inter connected world we are more distant than ever from our own "humanity".

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