Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cannibalism Redefined, part 10

Cannibalism Redefined, part 10

A few thoughts on eating your kids.

We are all guilty, we were admonished to take care of our own, to be kind to poor, widows and orphans, and take care of them, etc. "For a man that was once a clot of blood soon forgets from whence he became, and says where is the proof".

I am not religious and din't even pretend, there are messages in the ancient texts, however, that still are true if the human condition.
I am sure there are many out in rain standing up for better treatment and humane condition that may have, more than once, look down upon the less fortunate, I do not fault you.
From the age of about five till nine I was raised in abject poverty. With my father away at college, my mother, a school teacher struggled to feed us three kids and a brother that was also a student in college, school teacher in poor countries don't make a lot, five of us in that house, a half pound of meat a week was luxury we could seldom afford. Many nights our dinner was scraps of bread.
I have no life, few friends, I do not drink, do not go to visit people, I have three kids, I want them to live in world that does not look down at them, I do not want them to suffer in poverty.
If we keep tearing down each other for this reason or that we will not end up in a good place.
How low can we go? We were told not to worship money, but we do. Not just our own money, but the money that the others have, America was not supposed to have lords and barons, we have them now.
At the same time while we begrudge each other over a few dollars, our political leaders are selling out our country, our states, counties and townships, with tax abatements, free services, employment services, free training and yes welfare and medicaid for the workers for the low low wage for low low prices, while the smaller business people fall by the wayside.
Thanks to our politicians, our social security is broke, our 401ks are stolen or lost, our sick pay and holidays and pay raises keep disappearing,

If this downhill slide of wages, and benefits keeps going what will our kids live like, our grand kids, what kind of country will we leave them in, what will our country look like. As some fight for a decent life, lets stand with them, they are fighting for us, for our freedoms, our way of living, just as the soldiers on any front line, it IS the American thing to do, It Is the right thing to do!
Lets not feed our kids to the monsters, let leave our kids a future, a good future, there are consequence to selling your soul.

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