Sunday, September 23, 2012




It dragged on, I did not mean to get so long winded but as I sat here, my thoughts got jumbled as they usually do.  The other 47 percent I meant to write about disappeared in the fog of my brain.

It is easy to forget the invisible  47 percent, these are the ones that do not count, they don't make a noise, don't ask for much, really don't ask for anything, deaf dumb and blind getting up in the morning, showing up for work every day yet going broke, going in the hawk, yet blaming themselves for all that is failing around them. Their families falling apart, their kids doing without, no pay raises, no workers right, no job security, yet they blame themselves, shopping at the WalMart because they can not afford anything decent or worthwhile, buying stuff made by slaves over there, because with their low low wages they can only shop at places with their low low prices.

These are the American workers, they were promised a good life, if they worked hard, they had job security and benefits, they had retirements and health benefits, and now here they are, in the global slave market, toiling endlessly for meager pay checks, still it is cheaper to find slaves overseas, slaves, but you don't have to own them,slaves but you don't have to take care care of them, slaves but if they die or are injured, they are on their own and soon we will all be, on our own, cutting each others throats for it is survival  of the fittest, and survival of those that will produce ever more for their owners at the least cost. This is not being negative, this is seeing reality as it comes down the pike, we have all been sold in to slavery.

We have a good game going though, but the masters always win, it is fun, it is almost like plying golf with the boss, the boss always wins, only here the boss owns the golf clubs, the balls and even the golf course, you just can not win, you will not win.

By golly the game is rigged, it is like the movie, The Hunger Games, we must fight to survive, we must kill each other to live, we must kill everyone else at all cost, so talk about , we can only talk, about human rights and fair wages, and living wage and such other niceties, we know it is a game, we know it is all fake, we don't give a shit, really.

We have choices, yes, we must destroy the land to eat, we must destroy drinking water to have cheap energy, we must let Africans and South Americans kill each other to provide us with cheap raw materials and make them work for crumbs so we can eat good.

Yet we do not eat good or live comfortably because we are winning, or because we are better, we are doing well because it is not our turn yet, but it is coming, soon, it has started.

We are living well (we have been living well actually) because our governments and the central banks have been playing a game, they create bogus money from thin air to buy us goods and services, at home and overseas, while the banks and the super rich "loan" our government that funny money that our governments create.  In return, our future is hawked by our government to the same super rich as our future services and earning are granted to the same masters.

The real 47 percent do not know any better, do not care, and do not understand, enjoying the "good life", a six pack, a girl friend, a big screen TV and life is good, the beef is always fed good before slaughter. Or on the other hand they are just promised heaven, and glory, beat your chest we are the greatest, the biggest, the strongest,  see we can beat up on any two bit third world dictator and damn it we can blow their whole country to smithereens and now shut up and go to sleep don't ask stupid questions, the lord is coming and we will all be saved, go to church on Sunday and think of beautiful things, Amen.

The real 47 percent are the sheep, no questions to be asked, just play follow the leader, talk crap against the other side till you start feeling good about your side, that is it, feel better? Romney is winning/ Obama is ahead, your life will still be crap regardless.

Yet we have faith, only if we could just do away with the other side,  defeat them, vanquish them, make them disappear, just smite them, it is not a freaking election, it is war, it is battle ground states, it is the winning strategy, move this chess piece here and that chess piece there, and our side wins, it is guaranteed, you lose either way, I guarantee it. Elections are not about strategies, they are about the nations, about the people, the future, about making things work for all not taking things from everybody but the rich. No one gets anything for nothing, someone has to pay for it, let us make the one with the least pay for it.


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