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 Unless you were living under a shell for the last twenty four hours,  you have heard about the death of the US ambassador to Libya, at the hands of a protesting mob, or the bunch of Islamic radicals.
Please forgive me for the name I was born with, I could have been born a #*******, that would not have told you any more about me of my feelings than my name, as it is, tells you what so ever about who I am or where I come from or what I think.

I am not here to rehash the incident or to place blame on one side or another, history is full of lessons if one wishes to learn, I can not show you or teach you how to feel or what you must learn from the lessons of history, I come here today as a person who knows about human behaviors, some one who has lived in that region, and has lived in the US for forty years, as I tell my friends and those who would listen, I have the advantage of being  a US citizen and understanding the mindset of my countrymen, as well as a citizen of the world, and not the least a citizen with the understanding of certain cultures and populations that are foreign to the US denizens. I therefore empathize with the sentiments of the US populations as well as am able to stand back and look at all of this from the point of view of someone neutral, or at least  a foreign observer.

As the news broke and the media pundits started their flurries of speculation in to the causes and the motives of those that we know little about and understand even less, I made some comments on the CNN and the NPR blogs, these may sound as the rant of a Muslim apologist or worse an Islamic sympathizer, trying to white wash over a nasty characteristic of the Islamic fundamentalists, murder!
 So here first is what i said, " I know, I must be brave or just plain ignorant and stupid, may be all of the above, this is part of what I posted on CNN about the death of the ambassador. "Media has down played the US /Israeli involvement in Syria, most Americans do not know that we have sent in weapons and we are supporting " Al Qaeda" in Syria while we kill them elsewhere. Neither the Muslims around the world, or the Christians in the USA (or anyone else for that matter), can believe that Muslims are not the enemy, there is no war against Islam or any such other bull, when we are occupying two "Muslim" countries, killing Muslims in seven other places, subverting Muslim governments, enticing and bribing some governments to abandon friendships and trade with certain regimes. supporting Israel in taking over Muslim properties and subjecting Muslims to subhuman treatment. Beating drums of war against Iran. US government knows actions speak louder than words.
If they don't think that all these anti Muslim actions don't give rise to anti Islamic sentiments among the Christian right they are wrong. Everyday the news is filled with how "valiantly" our drones are killing "suspected" terrorist and various other "innocent bystanders", women and children also known as "collateral damage"."
This is by no means blaming the US for the death of the ambassador, but to expose the futility of US policy towards Muslim people. We can not make the Baduin to think American, we can stop the terrorist by killing some hapless goat herders that can not by any means can get here to harm us. Our constant meddling in the affairs of poor countries for our own economic purposes has a price, sadly on the day of 9/11 the ambassador paid with his life. Apparently 9/11 did not teach us any thing"

Some of you know that I hold a Master's degree in Psychology,( this is not to impress you by any means but to give a little credence to my thoughts, as opposed to those who just run off at the mouth about everything, beating their chests, on many blogs, including the NPR,  the CNN and even the  " White House" , thumping their chest with the slogans of "we are number one". And proposing that we bomb everyone else in the world to smithereens just because we can. YES, WE CAN!

Please! Hard as you may find this to believe, nothing I am about to say is to justify the killing of the Americans in Beghazi or any where else, it my attempt only to get you to understand the mind of murders and may be we can learn somethings about ourselves, the people of the world, the humanity. There is a whole big world out there, outside the borders of the United States, there are people who are just not like us, they do not have our wealth, our freedoms, our education or lack there off or understanding of our culture, not even as little an understanding as we have of theirs, they are not US! Our attempts to ask them to honor our values is just as futile as them asking us to honor theirs, surprise!

In 2009, after the killings at Fort Hood, I tried to explain the mind of the murderer,  "MAKING SENSE"  Since then we have watched the movie, "The Hunger Games". In a world where art imitates life the movie aas as appropriate to the situation we have as it is to many other instances in life, today.

To many of us in the US is nothing more than a reality show,  we watch it on TV, on big screens in full color HD, it is entertainment for us mostly, unless and until some on on our side gets killed, we morn daily about the deaths of our citizens on 9/11 and want the Muslims, the Arabs, the whatever to pay us "tributes", nay, we exact that tribute in our wars on two Islamic countries and their occupation, with our drone strikes daily in the farthest reaches of the globe, it is unlawful to have anti American sentiments, we do not want to relatives of the one will kill to want justice, or to look for a pay back, it is all justified because of the collective guilt that we have placed on the Islamic people the world over. But no, we are not at war agaisnt Islam and the better know it and respect us for it too!

Like I said above, the American people, the president the Pentagon, the state department and even the CIA fail to understand the mind set of the Arab,, Islamic tribal cultures. Before we iinvaded Iraq in 2003, I wrote to Mr Bush, and in the local paper that there are 1.5 billion people in this world who have nothing in common other that that they call themselves Muslims, and even if we pissed off one tenth of one percent of these, there will be two million people who will try to avenge,  we do not know who they are and what they are capable off. We walk in to this mess blindly, like fools, and blame the ones who come after us when are in their house.

If we blame the stupid peoples of killing our people when we are trying to do them good, then how about us considering the out come when we go around killing, over throwing regimes, and taking sides in internal strife in countries where we have no humanitarian interest, our economic interests being the sole reason for us to be there, we did not go to Rwanda to save lives, did we? Or to bring democracy there, why are we suddenly so keen on freeing Arabs?

CONTINUED, part two here.


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