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" A scorner seeketh wisdom, and findeth it not: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth". 14 Proverbs 6.

Turkish pilots killed by Assad, not in crash: leaked documents

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ordered the killing of two Turkish air force pilots who were captured after their fighter jet was shot down on June 22, 2012, files obtained by Al Arabiya show. (Al Arabiya)

As political tensions mount between neighboring Syria and Turkey, newly-leaked Syrian intelligence documents obtained by Al Arabiya disclose shocking claims shedding light on the dreadful fate of two Turkish Air Force pilots.

Contrary to what was publicaly claimed, the documents reveal that the pilots survived the crash, but were later executed by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad!
This disclosure is the first in a series of revelations based on a number of newly-leaked and highly classified Syrian security documents which will be aired in a special program produced by Al Arabiya over the next two weeks; the channel’s English portal – – will be carrying a subtitled version of the program on daily basis as well as publishing downloadable copies of the leaked documents.

The documents were obtained with the assistance of members of the Syrian opposition who refused to elaborate on how they laid hand on the documents.

Al Arabiya said that it has verified and authenticated hundreds of these documents and that it is has decided to disclose the ones with substantial news value and political relevance.

The downed jet

On June 22, a Turkish military jet was shot down by a Syrian missile in international airspace, Ankara’s official report said; a claim Damascus has refuted.

Assad’s regime said the country’s defense forces shot down the two-seater F-4 Phantom as it was in the Syrian airspace.

In an interview with Turkish paper Cumhuriyet published in July, Assad said he wished his forces did not shoot down the jet, claiming that Damascus did not know the identity of the plane at the time.

The incident set off tensions between the former allies, but Ankara, which had vowed a harsh response to any border violations by Syria, limited its reaction to sending military reinforcements to the common frontiers.

The two pilots on board of the jet were killed.

But both official reports by Syria and Turkey have restrained their explanation on the causes of the deaths of Air Force Captain Gokhan Ertan and Air Force Lieutenant Hasan Huseyin Aksoy.

Turkey’s armed forces said it had found the bodies of both pilots on the Mediterranean seabed.

“The bodies (of the two pilots) have been recovered [from] the seabed and work is underway to bring them to the surface,” the army command said in a statement released early in July.

The military did not specify where the bodies were found, but there has been no report that the pilots ejected from the plane.

However, after investigating the leaked documents it obtained, Al Arabiya can now reveal for the first time an alternative narrative of what might have happened to the two Turkish pilots.

One highly confidential document was sent directly from the presidential office of President Assad to brigadier Hassan Abdel Rahman (who Al Arabiya’s sources identify as the chief of the Syrian Special Operations Unit) states the following:

“Two Turkish pilots were captured by the Syrian Air Force Intelligence after their jet was shot down in coordination with the Russian naval base in (the Syrian city of) Tartus.”
Picture of the highly confidential document sent from the office of the Syrian president confirming the capture of the two Turkish pilots (Al Arabiya)
Picture of the highly confidential document sent from the office of the Syrian president confirming the capture of the two Turkish pilots (Al Arabiya)
The file therefore reveals two critical reports. First, the pilots were still alive after the plane had crashed. And second, that Russia held its share of involvement in this secretive mission.

The same document orders the concerned parties to treat both Turkish pilots according to the protocol of war prisoners, as instructed by the president.

It also requests that both men be investigated about Turkey’s role in supporting the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the country’s main armed opposition group.

The report also suggests the possibility of transferring the pilots into the neighboring Lebanese territory, leaving them in the custody of Assad’s ally, Hezbollah.

However, if the Turkish air commanders were not killed upon the crash of their F-4 Phantom, further leaked documents confirm that their death was inevitable.

Russian “Guidance”

A subsequently leaked file, also sent from the presidential palace and addressed to all heads of units of the Syrian foreign intelligence, reads: “Based on information and guidance from the Russian leadership comes a need to eliminate the two Turkish pilots detained by the Special Operations Unit in a natural way and their bodies need to be returned to the crash site in international waters.”

The document also suggests the Syrian government sends a “menacing” message to the Turkish government, insinuating Syria’s capability of mobilizing Kurdistan’s Workers Party (PKK) on the Turkish borders, notifying Ankara from the danger it might face in case of any hostile move.
A copy of the presidential order for the killing in a “natural way” of two Turkish pilots. (Al Arabiya)
A copy of the presidential order for the killing in a “natural way” of two Turkish pilots. (Al Arabiya)
The report insists that the Syrian leadership should hasten and make a formal apology to the Turkish government for bringing down the plane, which would embarrass the Turks and win the support of international public opinion. As such, the Syrian Regime did apologize.

Al Arabiya’s exclusive series on the newly-leaked Syrian security documents continues tomorro
As political tensions mount between neighboring Syria and Turkey, newly-leaked Syrian intelligence documents obtained by Al Arabiya disclose shocking claims she...
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  • Mohammed N. Razavi Stop the propaganda wars. Muslims killing Muslims while the rest of the world makes an ass of you. Look at what happened to Iraq, Afghanistan, you are next.
  •  Flying into another airspace is an act of war.
    Tired, tired, tired, of probing for openings by militants.
    Assad was no prince,
    But neither was he a Bush.
  • Mohammed N. Razavi The Syrian uprising was supposed to overthrow Bashar in preparation for Israeli attack on Iran. Turkish pilots were testing Syrian air defenses, to expose the locations of Syrian ...See More
  • Mohammed N. Razavi Does anyone in their right mind does not know these are forgeries? We have been there before, more "yellow cake" anyone?
    2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

    How long can the people stay so ignorant?  How can we always be so easily duped, why don't we learn the truth on our own when we know that the governments lie, all of them. But the truth is always out there for those who seek the truth, ignorance in the age of the internet is a personal choice. But Muslims are always happy to see one side being slaughtered, does not matter by whom or as to why, and is not just the illiterate fundamentalists, it is "educated" believers too.
Somethings mean more to some than to the others, sometimes!

When must one begin to wonder why the so called and self proclaimed Islamic states are always so eager to disarm and to turn against each other in favor of their own sworn enemies. I have long speculated that the world leaders overall are a bunch of Atheists, not some  believers of any god or dogma, money and power being the only two lords they worship.

Obviously here in this case, the Muslim nations are being taken advantage of  because their Shia, Sunni divide, but surely in the end both sides will lose, they always have, it happened in India, causing the fall of the Mogul Empire, it will cause the fall of Iraq and Pakistan as two Muslim nations and it is going to destroy what remains of Syria. Unless!

So why is this song here and how it relates to what we are talking about, not much but listen to the words, While the others /outsiders got involved in financing and arming the rebellion in Syria, did they think they won't be found out?  We live in the age of information, every thing you do is on camera, these people were known before they got started and we are seeing the results. As it happens we had similar designs on Iran too, but as it happens Iran is mostly Shia and it was harder to find turn coats that will turn on their own for the benefits of the foreigners, that is all, in Syria, however, with a majority Sunni being ruled by Shia it was not so hard to find people dumb enough to start an uprising at the behest of "sympathetic"outsiders.

As we send Syrian civilians to their slaughter  ( oh yes! do not forget the crocodile tears), we only talk about the atrocities being committed by the regime, we do not talk about our friendly Mujahedin doing the same to the Shia populations, even after the UN finally said a few words about it. Why is democracy good for Syria now all of a sudden, but we still back up the Bahrain regime in their oppression of the Shia?

US is again in the twilight zone of her politics, Syrians may be killing each other but we forget that ones we are supporting in Syria are also the same ones trying to over throw the Shia government in Iraq, thus the increase in the bombings and killing in Iraq, more than likely using the arms we are sending the the Al-Qaeda in Syria. And the hit man is uncovered and the bullet hits the bone.

Watch out!

Here is lesson here for the Arabs, the Muslims (Shia, Sunni or what ever the heck), always so dependent on the mercy of the foreigners to save their ass and protect their fiefdoms,  in the end "we all fall down". There are big bad wolves out there in the real world lil girls, just because someone is licking your ass for your oil or capital investments, providing you with booze or covering up for your liking little girls and boys in Hong Kong or in London, your day is near. Like I said before, (,
 you really think you are luckier than Noriega, Raza, or Markos? Keep pushing your luck, Bashir will fall, he WILL, as did Hosni and Qadaffi and others, how long can you tread water? Listen to the girl below, lil girls have to be ready,  for  "he is followed you home and he will eat your head too.


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