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Or may be not? In psychology there is a construct, called projection, basically you assign your own negative (sometimes positive ones too) to other people, usually the ones different than yourself.  It is a self preservation mechanism really, we do not want to think ourselves as bad, so whatever we do wrong we see others as doing such, helps us hold ourselves blameless.

It is used today in politics, while we all, all sides want something for nothing, we blame each other for asking the same. Is asking for tax cuts, in a down economy is not asking for more than their fair share? What do they need the money for?  And the poor the jobless and the hungry want three square meals, a cell phone, air conditioned housing and cable too, at someone else' dime. Not to say it all sounds reasonable to a lot of people, but is it reality?

They say, " the pen is mightier than sword", I do not wish to hurt your feelings.  I can comeback with a snarky and meaning less remark as fast as my fifteen year old son, I try to remain civil. I use my pen and my words as a mirror to reflect your soul so you can not hide behind big words and jibberish you picked up some wheres. Look at what we say and what we actually do.

The US public, the people of the West are ready to believe that all their economic prosperity has been real, to a point it has, for hundreds of years we owned the world, we took their resources for our use, we felt we had the right. Now as the people of the world have been catching up, we had to resort to gimmickry. We have been creating phony monies to buy the natural resources and labor from overseas, all the money in the world today is phony money, it is backed by thin air, not gold or silver. And yet we no longer have enough of it to go around, we are getting poorer. The world population is out of control and the world populations know too much.

I have no idea why the religion must be inserted in anything and everything we talk about, once again I KNOW damn it, my name confuses you, it makes you blind to my reality, you can not see me in human term, you do not see me as a possible reasonable human being, your loss.

It is not your fault, you are being taught to see everyone  thru the jaundiced eye of religion, it helps if you do, then you ignore the crap that is foisted upon you by your own kind. It has become a habit of the American media and the others in the West to label every act of Muslims side that is not liked by the controllers that day to to call it terrorism, if it is Qaddafi or Bashir, they are terrorizing their people, if it is Palestinians or Kashmiris fighting to save their lands they are also terrorist, FARC of Columbia on the other hand are now rebels, the murderers in Mexico are drug gangs (even if they are terrorizing the populations and the news papers), not terrorists, the Syrian anti regime fighters are the good guys today even if they ARE Al Qaeda  that we are trying to kill in Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia, but the Basque in Spain are now separatist, you see the point I am making? The message is repeated day and night from Rush and O'Riley and CNN and CBS. We have just stopped calling them Islamic terrorist but that is implied, if the are terrorist they are Muslims.

You know, you should know I have problems with religions, I have bigger problems with the religious of every stripe, I am not impressed by what you believe in, I am impressed only by what you ARE!
Religion it self is anti reason,  (no, your one too), first there is no karma, if it were true the poor would be rich and the rich would be poor, off and on, the torturers would be getting caught in combines in a field or run over by steam rollers on the pavements, and of course the bankers would find their homes looted and their bank accounts stolen, the people who starve the hungry around the world for profits would find them selves lost in the mountains without food or shelter, it does not happen.

If there is a god's plan, and a god's will then the man can not have free will, people do not choose to be poor, illiterate, blind, be stricken with cancer, if god has a plan it is a damn lousy one.

The problem is that the believers all over the place  react to defend the honor and the message of their respective gods in a similar fashion. We can say this is different or that is different but the results always predictable and same. If you think that the Muslims like to defend the honor of the beliefs then you are ignoring the rest. Are the Jews in Israel today for the sole reason that their god gave them that piece of land?  Surely they have the deed to property, it is called the Torah. And as the Christians also hold  a similar belief, they have gone along with the Jews. I have said that when it is matter of faith, the believer take it upon themselves to do what god could do himself he wanted to, and they want to be holier than their respective prophets, so long as it does not crimp their style, you can read the articles on the links above. Forget that if god wanted to make all the same he could have done so, no one had to convince anyone else, but that is not god's plan unless his followers take over.

We say that Jesus was a tolerant and compassionate man /god. But than watch his followers. Just mention abortion or gay rights, or even say stop being a consumer, or greedy or a glutton. Similarly, Muslims forget that their own prophet ignored even prayed for the woman that used to throw trash on him as he went to say his prayers. The treatment of the Arabs at the hands of the Jews is no different than what the Nazis did to the Jews, and yet, they only do that because their god gave them the property.


                              WAITING ROOM

keeping formality
seeking normality
so much yet unknown
still you want to explore
no one else around
but neither seems so sure

eyes talking,
though not a word is said
you want but to know only,
"what is in your head"
in your heart,
all those feelings explode
forbidden thoughts,
in the once sleepy abode

who you are,
you only try to hide
what you feel ,
you have no other feelings beside
a game in  thoughts,
it's a mental trip
you glance aside,
then let your eyes strip

a game of chance,
that you don't want to win
close your eyes,
and you let your mind spin
another yarn,
it's one more story to tell
you don't want to reveal
crawl back into your shell

want to reach out,
and you want to touch
you want to hold,
you want to do as much
life is strange ,
and you just want to steal
turn your head
and let the conscience heal


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