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I am sure we have all heard stories about when someone on a ledge is threatening to jump and commit suicide, some in the crowd will proceed to shout jump, jump, jump. Back when I was younger and more careless than now,  I may have been among those shouting jump also. But I am older and a bit more concerned about the welfare of the unaware.

No I do not mean to brag about my self. In this blog many places I have stated my cause as to inform the others of what I see coming, of how things really are and to always tell the truth as I see it.

In my native language there is an adage, " the drums of far away sound sweeter". Similarly there are many adages in the English language too, from " be careful what you wish for", to "think before you leap", so if you are someone on the ledge please consider the consequences of your action.

Let us say that you are on a ship that is certain to sink over some period of time, and there are no life boats that you have access to, you have two choices now, you can stay with the ship and wait for it to go down, or may be hope that some other vessel may happen to come by, or may be that the bilge pumps can keep the ship longer than you presume, or otherwise you jump off the ship to a certain and quick demise.

The elections are over now, and somehow or another the president was re elected, and I know half the people did not vote for him and we in the South are disappointed that our candidate, Romney, did not win.   O.K. So disappointed is a very mild term, you are angry, you are furious, you are besides yourself, and you wish to make him go away, you are not the only one, you have thousands upon thousands of people that agree with you. You are ready to secede, to hell with the black guy in the White house that is making this country in to his dream socialist utopia, you deserve better, and you can have it soon as you are liberated from the chains of Washington D.C.

Come again?

 I know, we have been told that we can do better, we can survive on our own and Texas is the fifteenth largest economy in the world or something like that. While back, even Walter Williams, a black guy was saying it could be done, Thomas Sowell even said so. And there are millionaires and billionaires in the South that agree, they can't be wrong can they, they are really smart I know, because they have money.

Plus we don't like gays and blacks and Mexicans too, we are Christians and we don't want the other kinds coming in here, we will have gold standard and our own money.We knew it was gonna happen and we were ready, we will go back to the Constitution and let the people take care of their own self. That is rugged individualism we are so proud of.

And I do hate to be the party pooper, but sometimes it is better to look in the mirror first.

So we secede from the union, and they actually let us go. On day one the social security checks stop, unemployment checks stop, no food stamps and no medicaid payments to the state to take care of the poor the hungry and the unemployed along with the millions of the elderly that are dependent on their social security, I hope we have a lot of gold we can sell quickly to feed these people.

 A gold standard and getting rid of the FED and the phoney money.

Of course we need jobs too,  isn't Texas creating jobs and Alabama has car factories, but as we are no longer part of the United States and their banking system, the credit is frozen, our banks can not lend the money they do not have (because they do not have enough gold in the treasury of the South to print a whole lot of money).

There is no construction jobs because the newly poor now have no cash to buy the house with, remember right now we do not need gold or cash because the Federal government prints money, and also guarantees all the mortgages. No more VA, FHA HUD whatever loans available.

Then we lose a few more jobs, the Federal government pulls out Fort Rucker, AL,  Maxwell air base and the Air University, AL, Fort Hood, TX, Fort Bliss, TX, Fort Sam Houton, Fort Knox,  Keseleer air base, Hulbert field,  Fort Polk, Huntsville is shut down, I could go on and the numbers could get in to hundreds, No money coming in, no jobs on base, no defense contracts.

Once again, I do not come to this subject a new, I have heard the rumblings for a while  and considered these before,

Then again what to do with the other non military facilities such as the Federal high way system the Air Traffic Control and the Harbors and the airports.What if the federal government decides (sure they would not though) to remove or disable these , won't take but a minute!

NO stupid one liners, please. It appears that these people wanting to secede are believing  that the US constitution will some how move to the South unchanged, not so. Each state or the new confederacy will write their own new constitution, possibly the freedoms given to the people and the rights given thru the amendments or the courts will not survive. The prohibition could come back, along with segregation and religious bigotry too. NO gay rights. no religious freedom, even no mini skirts, remember under Alabama law you can go to jail for possessing , buy, selling sex toys, heck carrots and bananas could be banned.

It is not just a Republican problem, the Democrats have gone wild here, Occupy Wall Street, close down the banks, shout down the conservatives and all of it, No one seems to find a reason to shut the hell up and show some regard to the another's right to hold any opinion different than yours. I have long complained that we are cajoling the poor in to laziness, I recently saw the Construction of a general store, more than half the workers were Spanish looking, they really worked hard, from pre- dawn to after dark, literally, but then no one was there to ask if these workers were undocumented or not, though few spoke any English at all. No one protested for a job, to work there, no one picketed. Tough many people in the area I know are unemployed and on welfare. But does it mean that Obama is creating a communist or a socialist country? We have a progressive society as some may call it, we take care of of poor, with unemployment benefits, social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, even rental assistance and even with electric bills, none of these programs were, how ever, created by Obama, he just gets the blame that's all, for the expansion of the same too, which was directly caused by our own mismanagement of the society and the economy.

I have addressed these problems in the numerous articles in this blog and how we have been led into this disaster that now seems so out of control it was all predicted right here in these pages.

Being angry at the Obama re-election or blaming Obama for  all what ails the nation, once again, is a distraction from the real issues and a waste of time, or at best racist.

not done yet.


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