Tuesday, May 18, 2010




It seems like so many eons ago, now that I look back, the future looked so much brighter than the past or the present, then I saw the clouds on the horizon and started warning others of the up coming storm. And  I was called a crazy, a lunatic, chicken little. The party was still on and no one wanted it to stop. It is mob mentality, when in Saudi Arabia they stone someone every one wants to get in to the action, and such was the situation here also, as I was warning of the demise of the country and the society, others wanted me to shut up and not to ruin there euphoria. Today as the hangover is starting to set in the same party goers want to be the teetotalers, they call themselves now the "TEA" party.

The more things change, the more they remain the same,  the addition of this new group does not change what lies ahead. Like I have said before, no matter who or what the philosophy of the ruling party or class the result is always the same, we are being  sold in to slavery.

What we are not told is that the United States is bleeding, and it is by  design, to institute governmental control and population controls ( I have been warning), and not because of a communist or anarchist or even a right wing uprising, which all could be an excuse for it, or itself cause the mayhem,  but because of the controls required by the IMF and the Central Banks to make us pay off our debts.

Those who claim to be passionate about freedoms are inciting unrest, and dividing the populace, even talking about dividing the country itself, is it also a part of the plot? As we see in Greece and in Thailand how the protesters are being dealt with ( not much different than Iran and Burma mind you ), and we are told that the unrest is spreading and we should be ready for it, we should remember that in a civil war there are no winners, in the long run the whole country loses. At the same time, while the population fights amongst itself , the real thieves who took the money and left the public and the country poor sit back and laugh at the idiots.

It scares me to think that there are so called "commentators" on the radio and on the internet who are always accusing the "other side" of being responsible for all the problems, when it was us, all of us, the whole country that  was happy to get in on the looting and the destruction, as I have noted in this blog again and again. In truth we are all guilty and now we all must  work together to rebuild, starting with taking responsibility for our own personal behavior and and taming our own greed. Taking care to educate our selves and take responsibility for our children education, and demand that the industry be brought back to  this country, that the workers be fairly compensated, and all must pay more in taxes to save the country. Then realize that when everyone is a millionaire, then a million is not worth a whole lot. Time to get back to savings and frugality.

For far too long while we talked big about how great this country is, we have worshiped the individuals who were not just moral failures but also failures in other walks of life. 
From Princess Di to Paris Hilton to Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, Bush W. and Clinton and others we picked the losers to lead us, and be our role models. We were too easy to forgive, and this led to the lack of responsibility at all echelons of corporate and political structure.

On the other hand a talk of an uprising or unrest only strengthens the hands of the ones in power. We already have (thanks to the patriot act) laws on the books to suspend civil liberties, the Habeas Corpus, detention of persons without notifying any one, suspension of Miranda rights, laws allowing monitoring of persons and groups without warrants, in other words the Constitution is no longer the law of the land.


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