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It is a given that the consumer, and not the BP, the big oil or the government will pay for the damages and the clean up. Now what we need to talk about is that how will effect not just the gulf states and their residents, the beaches, the value of water front properties, the fisheries, the fisher men, the boating, the marinas, the sea food industry and the food supply of the whole region and country. If the spill persists and the oil mars the beaches along the gulf coast and may be more, we are looking at the lifestyle changes for millions, with higher fuel costs, higher unemployment, the jobs changes required and retraining for the whole industries along the coast line. Decline in the value of water front properties that have already suffered as much as fifty percent decline in values already, now do you understand the little spill and the value of stocks in the oil companies? Exxon Valdez incident happened in a restricted water with few people living around the shore, No condos and no beaches or tourist traps.

Not yet to speak of innumerable diseases and side effect of living in proximity to the oily beaches where the oil residue and fumes will linger for many years to come yet. Will we be willing to pay for the total cost, or will it become a life changing incident for the generations to come.

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Tom said...

I apologize if this post is a little long. I was also wondering what type of world are the people who are doing all this envisioning? I know you can’t answer this but I figure you have a rough idea from your writing you hint at what life will be like for most of us but I just wonder how they think their lives are going to be like. If it is a conspiracy with the elite trying to bring the world to it’s knees so they can gain power and live like gods, why go to all the trouble when they do this now? If it’s just leaders making mistakes how can they be this dumb? Are they hoping for some miracle or do they know something the rest of don’t or because of their position do they simple not care. Is this just a way to kill off a surplus population. If so I could think of a lot of way to do it with out so much destruction.

Now to play Devil’s advocate, here is a link to a scientific break thru
which could yield power from thin air which could make life much better, with this and
other scientific discoveries do you thick it is possible that we can fix everything before it goes into a complete melt down?

Also as for conspiracies how about the whole Gulf BP thing was done to create jobs most of the people I know who worked construction are not looking for jobs in the clean up, while causing seafood prices to jump but also causing beef and chicken price to rise, many of the local restaurants are already shifting from seafood to beef dishes the poor ones going for chicken causing a rise in price for all meat sooner or later. Also it cause people to be scared to drill, now allowing Obama to completely focus on alternative energy which of course never seems to result in anything, thus keeping us dependent on foreign oil. Not that it’s Obama fault it was set up this way long way before him. That some of the idea I heard running around. Anyway you figure it’s a major disaster that will be cleaning up for decades if not longer it could keep a lot of people employed cleaning it up.

Also is there anyway that you see in adverting all of this disaster and making it work again like getting trains and the railroad back into full gear or the increase in internet home business(I know of some elderly women who make and sell quilt together over the internet)
this cut down on use of cars and trucks. I read your major solution which are around population control which I agree with one child per family would be a good step in fixing most of the problems but I was just wondering what else can communities and just the average person do to help out? Sorry if I ask questions on some of things you answered before I don’t mean to have you repeat yourself I just sometimes forget that you answered the questions before.

Thank You your writing they have always been very interesting and informative.