Sunday, November 25, 2012

Woman Robs Her Own Mother for $40,000 Ring


Woman Robs Her Own Mother for $40,000 Ring

You may be sad that a woman of 35 would steal from her own mother, may be angry. You might say I would never do that, I could not stoop so low, may be we all wish such things did not happen in our society or in our humanity, I could agree, nod my head and we could all feel good about ourselves.

I think differently, yes it makes me angry at the stupid woman to be doing this to her own mother, but who are we to judge her, are we any better? Really?

Stop and think, we live in a smaller and smaller world we say, we are starting a "Universal Culture", what we do here, wherever your here is, is happening everywhere, fashion, movies, money, whatever, we are in the same boat, our educations are similar, we have same professions, we eat the same food from the same chain stores, sleep in the hotels with the same names, dance like each other. Across the boundaries of color, race, national origin, religion and social values and mores we are becoming similar if not totally homogenous.  So if she did it here, it is happening all over, really it is, open your mind.

If there be an award for stupidity, for thanklessness, for cruelty, for callousness, for mindlessness, whatever I bet you want to give it to her. I agree. What was she doing? what was she thinking you say. I agree, THINK, is the operative word here. Sadly we the individuals are all alike. You don't see it, I know.

I could give you a thousand examples of similar behavior, by children, from our daily lives, but you see it already, don't you. A family buys the young one a car to go to work with and the child goes speeding, partying and destroys the car in a wreck costing the family money that the family sometimes could not afford. And also grown ups spending the money they could have saved for their child's education on beer and Disney World trips, a bigger house or a new car. The only difference here being the value of the ring and the method of operation. And why not the people that are cheating on their spouses breaking apart their own families and hurting their kids. Keeping this simple and short here, look for other examples in your own life, you know what I am saying. This is not all really!

For the last thirty years or so, American corporations have made cutting costs (of labor mainly) there prime goal. The hell with helping your fellow citizens,  (many with some lousy work ethics mind you) by providing jobs and a living wage, as if it is not robbing your own mother. We cheat on taxes, we cheat our employers, we cheat our employees, we steal from stores and have no guilt about any of it, ( may be you are only doing it sometimes or just a little bit, everybody else is doing it right!).

If you think that it is the poor schmucks only, you would be wrong too. Our congress men and senators do it all the time, they just make up laws to keep the stuff legal. And how about the multimillionaires buying elections to take the country down their own self serving paths. We buy cheap junk made overseas costing our friends and family a reasonable livelihood, while we blame the unemployed for being on welfare. If a country is also a person's motherland then keeping your money overseas to avoid paying taxes is cheating your mother also.

I feel sorry for the lady, she was only doing what we all are guilty of, those without a sin may cast the first stone.


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