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I must admit I have the most wonderful life,  charmed yes! When I look back at where I started from, what I went thru, where I ended up and the twists and turns of my path along the way, may be I should not be here, may be I should not be making this claim, I give credit, where the credit is due, it has been a wonderful trip.

You wonder why this BS, what I try to prove here, why am I even writing this, so here it is. My life, my stands on the subjects, my ideology does not fit a pattern, you could not pigeon hole me if you tried.I tell you in the intro to this blog, ( I have never changed the intro after day one I posted here) I will tell you the truth, of course it is the truth the way I say see  it see it becomes the only truth that I know. Ironically, I am no different here, we all know the "ONLY TRUTH" that we know. Yeah, it is funny this way.

Let e go back to the beginning as to why this particular rant at this particular time,

I posted this picture on my face book [page got two comments, and also two likes

1st ,
Are you serious? Blaming Obama for what was done in the name of America when the congress is a dysfunctional institution and the Senate is 0.0001 of what it used to be? What are the alternatives? A President belonging to a cult? A man who m
ade the most racist remark about the Palistinians? Pllllease! Obama did not bring the American economy to its current situation, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz did. He tried to close Guentanamo but who supported him? I love Obama for he is a human being who cared and still cares but who wants him to succeed in America? The East and West cost States, not Jesus Land or the Cult.

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and the 2nd 

2. Cheney, Rumi, and wolf killed the economy? Probably a bit too partisan to be any where near correct.... Did Cheney kill Glass stegal, nope... that was done by Bill Clinton & friends.
Did Rumi lower interest rates to spur a housing boom? Nope, that was done by Greenspan, a political appointee of BOTH Bush & Clinton.

3. Accountable? Please explain why the Obama administration has prosecuted MORE people under the Espionage Act of 1917 then ALL other Administrations combined, times 2.

4. NDAA... So he didn't sign that into law?

5. As commander in Chief, he is responsible for the "wars". Last I check we are bombing more muslim nations than we were under Bush.

6. GMO foods... Pretty sure the administration has been on board w/ this too.

So who do I blame?
Articles about Guantanamo

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let me go back a bit to the time before Obama was elected, please read this article here

let me point out something else also, I had posted this picture a few days earlier and read the comments

July 28 at 12:46am ·

It is sad that in this time, humans have no value, women or men, girls or boys, Africans, Arabs, Mexicans, Greeks or Afghanis... May be one day, someone will stand up for those who have no one to protect themJuly 28 at 7:03pm ·

Mohammed N. Razavi Actually some one already did, 1400 years ago, and his followers are some of the worst if mot the worst abusers of human rights and the women, one reason I just don't like to be recognized as "one of them".
July 28 at 8:01pm via mobile ·  the first comment in the first picture and the second comment in the second picture are from the same person  only that the second picture was published before the first picture , with Obama in it.

 Now why am I going thru the trouble of explaining, (confusing) all of this, to make sense of it, at least to my own self.

There are two truths that we must acknowledge,  one that all politicians, presidents, prime ministers, kings, sultans, dictators and even military commanders running the country all lie, all the time, and the second and the more important that, all money is imaginary, once you have got this in your head then the rest is easier to understand, whatever that rest is.

If as Obama was sold to the world as the Messiah and he knew what was up with the country he would have told us the truth and had known a way out, but that did not happen, he was just playing a game and we followed, he lied and he won, it could have been some other liar of the same capacity.  Obama promised what he could not deliver, did he know what he was talking about? Was he just "a liar or an ignorant ass", as what I called Bush on the radio in 2007. HE LIED, he told us what his bosses on the Wall Street told him to say. Here is a letter of mine that was published in the local paper in March  of 2008,

I promise to tell the truth, I always have on my blog at least.
I have a habit of running of at the mouth some say, ( mostly my wife) but what is going on in Syria? many want the over throw of the Alawi regime, but who will win and what the outcome will result in? HAve we not been financing the uprising, has not Israel and other so called Muslim countries, because Bashar is sheia, so we help Israel and get the ground work done for an attack on Iran, and be happy that a alawai regime is over thrown, we will pay the price and pay dearly, the Israel will be able to take over all the Palestinian territory that she wants as a result, but who cares.
here is something else for you to look at, then we will talk more


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