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I know I stop in the middle of my writings, I am scared of what I see, I want to warn the people and I know no one is listening any way, still I am scared.

McCain calls for US air strikes on Syrian forces

Should I  be scared that John McCain wants to strike the Syrians, we have been all told about the atrocities of the Bashar regime, of the murder of civilians and the human rights abuses. But where is the truth? How can hitting Syria can be bad for the US?  But you know what? It will be devastating to the United States, all of the chest thumpers do not have a clue that it could be a set up, it is trap that if the US falls in to the country could go down the tubes in short order. And watch this too


Barack Hussain Obama is in a fix, her can not stop the destruction of the US, and may be he is told to keep his trap shut in any case.

You should know that the Syrian problem was created by us,  
as I have told you before, look at this map and you will understand, from the start the people of Homs were told that they will have backing, weapons as well as "freedom fighters" have been inserted in Syria from Lebanon, it has not been a secret  but the American government's propaganda machine ( free press) has either chose not to mention or under emphasized the role of this infiltration of the sovereign country. And even today they fail to mention the real reason for starting trouble with Syria and why it is important to over throw the Syrian regime.

Like I said, it will not turn out anyway that the US will like, Obama knows that, the American public is unaware of consequences and could careless, until of course the shit hits the fan and it is too late.

We know we must attack and destroy the Syrian air defenses before we (Israelis) go over Syria  to bomb Iran, going over Saudi Arabia would just not look real good. Then even bigger problem with not taking out Syria first would be that if we  attack Iran, Syrians would be there to help the Hizb Allah make trouble in Israel still, and other issues. Syrian air defenses would detect an Israeli raid for instance, they may interfere with the attack itself, so the Syrians have to be shut down first, thus the uprising and the drum beating and calls for the over throw of "poor little Bashar".

How could it hurt to bomb the Iranian atomic facilities, we are too far away and they can not retaliate right, WRONG!

Iran or Syria do not have to attack us, we will attack ourselves, that is if the government does not take over the private enterprise in this country. The logic here is simple and unavoidable,  no matter who attacks Iran and when it is a given that the oil prices will sky rocket, and the US economy will falter as will the world economy. Even if Iran does not retaliate or is unable to the price hike in the global market will occur and cause a major chain reaction, probably causing a recession, with the only option to stop it with great government spending. Can the US take on any more debt right now? Even to save the world from a great disaster, probably not, the financial markets have little faith or patience left for the US or even sympathy, once the deed is done the US will be facing an economic tsunami with the depression on coming and no room to borrow our way out of it  we will be looking like Greece, only a bit or more worse off.


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Sean Hartnett said...

one thing is for certain, if john mccain has become the spokesperson in the senate, along with liebermann, there is a serious credibility gap between their words and reality.
their moves, and words, show signs more of desperation than certainty.
this has, as you have pointed out, largely been an excercise of israeli propaganda; one that for all intends and purposes seems to have been vastly less successful than was intended.
i see mccain's oratory more for domestic consumption, meant to signal american continued bellicosity and to enable the continuance of the program to legitimize further ratcheting of the campaign.
with russia and china having rightly stepped into the fray concerning syria, and iran still active, and to a lesser degree iraq and lebanon, the western powers and israel have realized the futility of military action in syria and are seeking a way to step back without losing face.
enter the mccains of the world that will continue to maintain the pressure for military action while calmer heads outside of tel aviv and aipac seek diplomatic solutions.
in the end, it will be israel that will either tie our hands in syria and iran or not.
pivotal? perhaps.
but if one were rational, which no-one claims the neo-cons are, it would appear that with the precarious state of the global economy and the overstretched reality of american military forces, that military action by the u.s. in syria and iran is a dead letter.
again, the ball is in israel's court.
one only hopes that the calmer voices from the intelligence community are able to make their logic heard and tragedy is avoided.
if the economy does not begin to improve soon on its own, the powers that be may have little option left but regional war to reset the game pieces and reassert the status quo.

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