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There are headlines today that the FBI or somebody has nailed another Muslim terror plot, this time an Iranian with ties to the Al- Qads brigade of the Persian forces is implicated, the story is amazing, really it is fantastic. If you are not given to deeper thinking and swallow every hook line and sinker, here is a fish story for the ages,  at least in as much as it smells fishy.

We must keep our eyes open as well as our minds too. I know and you have heard that the Iranian regime is our mortal enemies,  they are out to get us, they want to erase Israel from the face of the earth, they are developing nuclear weapons and will attack as really soon.

Like I said, keep an open mind, our real problem is not Iran and its nuclear weapons, it is not their threats of erasing Israel off the face of the planet, Our real problems with Iran are, soon as we leave Iraq they will own it, they are a threat to the Saudi monarchy,  they are causing problems in Bahrain, are friends of the Syrians, and once again, as always we been fucking the wrong horse ( I mean been betting on the wrong horse, sorry).

"A naturalized U.S. citizen holding Iranian and U.S. passports and a member of Iran's Revolutionary Guard face conspiracy charges connected with the plot.
"In addition to holding these individual conspirators accountable for their alleged role in this plot, the United States is committed to holding Iran accountable for its actions," Holder said." CNN

Let's be fair, to me, I have not defended any terrorist plots on here, not the shoe bomber, not the New York Times square guy, not the drone guy, I did say that we might have put Major Nidal Hasan in a position where he may have been placed under undue pressure. I spoke out against the killing of an American without trial and due process. I am not writhing this, in any way, to justify any one's plot to kill any one in this country.

It is hard to believe that the Iranian government will actually put some one on line, with such direct relations/ connections to the Iranian government to be instantly implicated and thus be a target of the wrath of the US. As such if the guy was up to anything at all he would be doing it on his own. What does Iran gain from this anyway? A war? That the US has been planning and threatening of for ten years or more, who does not know that Iran is a constant thorn in the side of the US, Israel and our buddies in the desert, the Saudis. Would any one in the Iranian government be so stupid? I bet if this guy did say and do what he is accused of he acted on his own, he got led in to believing that this could be pulled off, and he had the money of his own to go along with it.

The world does not lack angry Muslims, I am sure this guy could have been one, did I not say before the Iraqi invasion that there are one point two billion people in this world that call them self Muslims, if you piss off just one tenth of one percent, you have one point two million people out trying to get you and you don't know who they are and what they may be capable of.

It does make sense though, that the US has been looking for an excuse to look strong in the middle east, with both the Iraqi and the Afghan misadventures in the pits, and others taking advantage of the opportunities while we are looking at scraps at best, everything working opposite of what was hoped, Iran provides a great target for a newer and bolder initiative.

Was it not just two days ago, Romney was talking about expanding the military and increasing the military budgets, well, this gives him or anyone else a chance to  go to war once more, god bless.

If you think I am crazy, here is a follow up form the CNN, a day late though


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