Tuesday, April 03, 2012

LIFE 2012, part 3


 LIFE 2012,  part 3

Link here for parts one and two 

There is a story somewhere that,  many hundreds of years ago,  the religious leaders argued night and day as to how many angels could fit on the head of a pin. The religious still may be, and just as futile is our own life, when we discuss the ass of Kim Kardashian or some one else' boobs, or whether Jenna ( I think is her name) is qualified o be in the miss Universe pageant.

No really, how does any of it, the pill problem or the abortion debate, gun control the Housewives, the swimsuit issue, etc. gets you ready for the future, job market of the future, provides food for you  family?  But that is what they want you  to be focused on, is it?

 True faith will always defeat reason!

  Even today, with all the facts at hand a majority of our population believes , we are the greatest country and most prosperous country on earth, broke as we are. and in face of patriot act, NDAA and such, police brutality, lack of real civil rights most people still think that we are the freest, with poverty and unemployment as they are we are the richest.
Although many Americans today realize that not everything is going well with this country,  politically and economically, a majority are happy staying ignorant, on purpose.

Part of our problem, actually the whole of our is this, as we have adopted every new technology, enjoyed every innovation, we forgot to think through the consequences. Once again think about the unemployment situation how many jobs are lost, each day, due to the technology? Do we have a solution? We started out bragging about the  service economy, but even the service jobs are now being lost, bank tellers, phone operators, librarians, researchers, travel agents, reservationists, on and on and on, we are using technology to make ourselves useless. Thus we head back to the micro jobs, and as we take on these micro jobs we make less and less to make a living, to raise a family, to have shelter and then to have food, may be someone will feed us!

So what does it do to the claim that the rich create jobs, the only truth that is true is this, the rich only want to make more money and take yours while they are at at. Look at the facts, the country is being blackmailed like a little third world country and the politicians, both on the left and the right are willing to bend over and spread their collective cheeks for a promise of money, and few jobs to sell the majority of their working class and poor their constituents in to slavery, ( oh damn that is Biblical, like brothers of Joseph selling him), but you don't see it that way, let me shine the light.

I have told you before that the promise of cheaper goods from overseas has been placing a great pressure on the wages of the American workers, then we started out begging the corporations to put factories/Walmarts in our states and town with promises of free land, tax abatements and support of the low wages with foodstamps and medicaid, oh that is not what the government has been telling you, you should have reading the newspapers and keeping an eye on your "elected representatives" while you have been blaming the sorry and lazy American workers, yes many are. Now the rich blatantly and in broad day light want a tax cut before they will bring back their money from overseas, I promise you , you will not see any job creation as a result though. I know this because I come from a third world country and know how it is done.

to be continued


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