Tuesday, April 03, 2012

LIFE 2012, part 2


 LIFE 2012,  part 2

part one is here if you did not read it

 The campaign to be the next president of the United State continues, Obama or Romney, what 's the difference?

We are talking about the abortion debate, birth control, and even the gas prices while there is no longer a country left. We talk about creating jobs but no one says what the hell are you talking about? Stock market is up, but no one asks how? where is the money going to come from to support these prices when we desperately need spending cuts? Hope there  is a parallel universe we will all be transported to and won;t have any worries, or the world will end on December 21 any way.

Are you for real? Are you concerned? Are you even awake? We are still losing jobs even though the government keeps lying, we have no money to pay the social security let alone welfare to the millions who keep breeding. Change is coming, a big change without much of hope no matter who is elected but we don't have time to care, we need entertainment,  we are being entertained to death.

May be you don't need to read my rant, may be you don't believe me, but read this here at this link,
"“A new crop of websites and smartphone applications are allowing people to farm out chores to a growing army of temporary personal assistants. These micro-employees are taking the division of labor to once-unthinkable extremes.” once again we have glorified titles for slavery, just don't call it slavery.

The congress, the executive and the judicial branch have been whittling away at our freedoms, even taking away our basic human rights, passing laws to take away our property even our dignity, our crops and our lively hoods, our right to protest but we are busy facebooking or worrying about getting laid or both, while we get fucked all over every day.

Read between the lines and you see, could it be that the assault on over right, police abuse without recourse,  militarization of local cops, is all leading up to the time when the shit really hits the fan AND YOU NEED TO BE TAKEN CARE OFF?

Ignorance is not just being stupid, ignorance is also a stubborn refusal to recognize the shit you are in, and taking action to change. I am not talking about a revolution, I am talking about changing yourself and your ways.

May be it is too late already, in my thinking it is. But I have tried and still try to get my message across that the world you know does not exist, the world you grew up in, like the one I grew up in is gone for good. We better be ready for the "New World Order", we are just too slow to recognize it yet.

No I don't believe it is a conspiracy, no one could have predicted this future a hundred or even fifty years ago, what we have is a natural progression of the things, this is how it would have ended up, this is how it should have ended, that is why I have been saying these things about the economy, about the debt, about the deficits and about the future of jobs for over twenty years.


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