Wednesday, January 11, 2012




So it is ordained that the 2012 election( also known as a farce) will be conducted between Obama and Romney, with Obama likely winning four more years of presidency of the United States as Romney will prove himself non electable soon as the other GOP contenders shut up and go home, After South Carolina. The game is obvious, so plain that it can not even be called a contest, yet the game goes on, as if it is all real, as if it all really matters.

The wonder of it all is that Ron Paul is being side lined, like the old crazy aunt in the attic, he can not be right, no matter what he says, he is a kook, he is a racist, he is out of the main stream. but is he?
The numbers tell a different story, we twenty percent of the electorate is listening to him, they at least are convinced he is right, he is on to something, and may be Obama and Romeny need to pay attention instead of ignoring him and trying to sideline him, twenty percent of the people who are sure to come out and vote on the 6th of November 2012 are willing to vote for him, warts and all.

If you listen to the media, they are acting like it is unusual for us to elect racists and homophobes, well we did have Senator Robert Byrd and we did have Jessie Helms, so it would be par for the course to have Paul, and what is so scary about him, at least this time we KNOW, we can watch him, not like Byrd and Helms, and the other closet racists we have in the capital.

What scares the hell out of these asses is that Paul is not in the "Main Stream" well I am main stream (I  have brown skin, I was not born in the US, and I even have a terrorist name, how main stream is that, take that Paul Ryan) I am veteran and retired civil service, and I am for Ron Paul, he does not scare me. 

But he does scare the military industrial complex, he scares the shit out of bankers and the military industrial complex and that makes me laugh, it makes me feel good. If he is against abortion and against dependency on the state so be it, I know at least he is not going to stab me in the back like Reagan did or Bush Jr.

Our media (government ) has a bad habit of sitting on one's dossier until it is time to attempt to discredit the unlucky soul, then we trounce on the unlucky soul, Saddam Hussain was not the only one to receive this treatment, Noriega, Shah of Iran, Markos, Hosni Mubarak, Castro are just a few names on the list, add to this Jessie Helms, and Tom Delay and don't forget U.S. Rep. Dan Rostenkowski. So Ron Paul's oddities are minor and have long been known, he is not strange.

What  is strange is the all out assault on him at this time, after all his years in the office, the elite are scared, the sacred cows have their milk running dry, but why not, he matters right now, at this moment in history America is willing to take a chance on the odd ball, if twenty percent are voting for him in the Republican primary there could be another twenty percent out there that are waiting for the general election, may be even more by then, the Americans are tired of wars, tired of the deficits,  tired of the lies of the politicians and the banks, tired of the mess in Washington where nothing seems to change no matter who is in the office and which office.

He is promising end to wars, end to the deficits, end of war on  drugs, end to unending welfare, end to of shoring jobs, he wants the American government to be honest and open, that is a lot of baloney he is going to take away from the mouths of a lot of pigs here.

And if the recent polling data and the voter sentiment are any indication Paul running as independent could give both parties a run for their money. May be it  is time the two parties listen to the old gentlemen, listen to the electorate. Paul is not just charging the wind mills, he is speaking for a whole lot of people that the two parties are ignoring. His message and the message of these people is that we want to end the wars, we want to end the capital cronyism, we are tired of the Washington corruption, and the sleazy military industrial complex that is ruining the country. We need to  put America and the AMERICANS First. Ron Paul is telling the truth, and people will listen, RON PAUL MATTERS!


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