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Did you watch the Obama speech, watched it, twice, so you are all ready for the future, or Obama or against Obama,  who do you  trust more, who do you put your faith in?

The problem may not be that you are not "too smart", the evidence IS against the "average Joe" , however.  You may be just a bit confused, it is to be expected, you can not really make up your mind either. You know why? You are suffering from a severe case of disinformation. Both the left and the right are in cahoots and that is why you are confused, they like you that way.

Half the US is right leaning and the other half is left leaning, a perfect division, nothing gets decided and nothing gets accomplished and it is all your own fault.

As we look forward to the contest in November, one may be tempted to think that the things will change, but then one would be a damn fool. I had said back in 2008 we were in trouble, and the "hope and change" election only made the situation more hopeless and the change has not been for the better.

It is stupid people that keep believing one side then the other while constantly being screwed by both.  What do the Republicans have to offer, what did they do for you  when they were in charge last time? Do you believe what they say? Do you trust them? Then my friend you are an ass. The problem, as I explained back in "A New World Order, 2003" this is no place for a 110 IQ, this is no place to fall asleep at the wheel. If you think that Obama is lying and the Republicans have the remedy to what ails this country you are just not paying attention. I could go  in to the details of what Obama said and what he left out but I will let others do the simple task, What I will do for the next few lines is to show you how both  sides are lying about the same thing.

First of all you should KNOW that the tax cuts and tax policies do not "create" jobs,  rich people do not create jobs for the poor to be able to feed their kids. And you should also KNOW that the Obama tax policies will not bring the manufacturing jobs back.  If you  do not understand that the rich (corporations too, when you see me mention the rich might as well assume that I mean the corporations also) will not create any jobs unless they can make money.  Now if all the rich will not create jobs unless they are making money, where do you  think that money will come from? From the government of course ( even when you borrow money from a bank, in the long run that money is paid back by the government dollars, that is why you have the thing called the "DEFICIT".

 We have too many people talking about Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, the only way they can get away with it is because no one, not even the media will ask the right questions. The facts are the Reagan did not have the internet and the globalization in full bloom yet. The effect of the globalization seeds that Reagan planted are only now being felt in the economy with lower wages and higher unemployment, while we laud the success of the Regan fiscal policies, we forget that he also caused the last great recession,  and part of the economic boom was that we were getting out of the long slump that had lasted from 1974 in to the eighties. Add to that the deficit spending, the housing boom at the end of the very high interest rates, ( 30 year bond at 16 percent remember?) and not the least the defense spending.

What do the Republicans think of the American workers? Case in point, Rush Limbaugh has been lambasting the American workers, lamenting that in one China factory town workers are working for seventeen dollars a day for twelve hour days, working for  six days a week that they can hire three thousand new workers per day, and that sixty five thousand of these workers among two hundred thirty thousand live in dorms and have a no suicide clause in their contract.  Now tell me what tax cut, what tax advantage can Obama promise these corporations to bring the jobs back? Republicans do have a plan for America though, the rich will create jobs so they won't have to own you as slaves, and pay for your retirement and health care.

Continuing, work in progress.


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