Saturday, May 28, 2011

Did U.S. 'Frame' Strauss-Kahn Over to IMF Economic Forecasts?: Huanqiu, People's Republic of China

Did U.S. 'Frame' Strauss-Kahn Over to IMF Economic Forecasts?: Huanqiu, People's Republic of China

Could it be that the U.S. 'framed' Dominique Strauss-Kahn because of IMF forecasts of U.S. economic frailty and Chinese strength? According to this analysis from state-controlled 'Huanqiu', 'it is reasonable to infer' that statistics released while DSK ran the IMF, showing U.S. dollar weakness and forecasting how China's economy would surpass America's by 2016, drove Washington to 'throw' DSK into a U.S. prison.!/pages/WorldMeetsUS/70658265821

People who are talking about the economic demise of the US also seem to forget the the world wide economic development has been based upon US borrowing and spending, the day US stops borrowing and or printing money the economic development ...and the China prosperity will also die, so the dollar can only fall if the world it sell decides to commit an economic suicide. that will happen soon though when we decide that we can not continue on the path of destroying the nature in the name of development to the point that the life it self is threatened, then everyone will know that I was right all along

I know many of us agree with you about the destruction of the planet's environment.

But what do you think about Beijing's conspiracy theory about the U.S. framing DSK?
-- William Kern

For one, I don't believe it is a frame up, the guy IS a pig, and they would not use a Muslim woman to pull this off, dollar's decline is not a secret, but the alternatives are not great is my point, I have said much more on my blog. Framin...g DSK just because he was going to bad mouth the dollar is not a good enough reason, or we would have to black mail a whole lot more people who are talking the dollar down, the problem is of our own creation though. There is, however, something else afoot. Like I mentioned the economic development of the world has been based on consumption and on creating money from thin air, that model is failing. what is the next shoe and where it will drop? one solution may be a total worldwide economic collapse followed by the new world order which will dictate everything from who you marry to who can have children and who gets to eat, it is all there, in "A case for population control"!/permalink.php?story_fbid=197554526957425&id=83865976093

It is always amazing to see how little the average American understands about money and the economy, We are actually in a position where there are few options left . A default will not only hurt the bankers, you will also not get social security/ unemployment/ welfare checks. There will be no government contractors being paid and the pensions of the government employees will disappear as well as their health care benefits will disappear, that is just for starters. And it is not just the republicans, What about the democrats and liberals who thought the money grows on trees and everyone should get a handfull for nothing

any way, I hope you are not angry, I like to see both sides of the coin, the poor are abused her, but they are also abusing the system for their own purpose and destroyingit for many more others who are worthy and deserving of the help


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