Sunday, March 28, 2010


-                        Requiem for the Living

Thanks for coming , to show you care
to let me go out, with a bit of flair

you made the show, to show your love
to give your respect, to the god above

so thanks for coming, here today
to be here to hear, this dead man say

I lived a good life, now i am happy to go
where ever it takes me, i'll be happy you know

This pain and the suffering, all fading away
I'm going on now, you may wish to stay

We live forever, this death i do not fear
the longer i lived, the more i find it dear

this death is my freedom, it is my salvation
the room to breathe, end this damnation

Some love life, nothing wrong i'm sure
I look forward to dying, not scared any more

There is no difference, I do not believe
just wanting to see, what's up His sleeve

Life goes on, the life is forever
on this small earth, or where ever

This life is not always, what we like it to be
this life is a chain, I like to be free

Living this life, of borrowed time
i have no sins, i have no crimes

A puppet of time, we are here to play
bit parts on stage, while we stay

Pauper or prophet, or a royal prince
a jester, a joker, not even a king

Born to die, as we are born to live
we all come to pass, we don't mean a thing

Some live to be forty, some die at four
some live  to be ninety, still wanting for more

So what is a right age, to die
so one may know, when to say good bye

I do not go on, to make someone cry
I welcome my passing, welcome a new life

Why is not proper, to be on the ready
dying with grace, and rock steady

as for me i know, this is time to go
i go with a smile, and a happy glow

don't want to be beholden, not even to gods
i wish to go on, to be free at last

to see all the sky, to see the universe
to ask the good lord, of this life's curse

some may want, another day to live
some years or eons, never to give

the other side, a chance to show
it is better above, than has been below

Does anyone know, what tomorrow may hold
idea is stupid, on which we are sold

Do we arrive, at pearly gates
do we know, if the devil awaits

there is no heaven, there is no hell
not as far, as i can tell

We are born to die, so i have no fear
i always knew, that the end is near

you'll miss your love, you'll miss your kids
you'll miss their smiles, you'll miss their kiss

how can you miss, you are always here
life pulls us apart, death brings us near

Some wish to live long, and see their children cry
some one day too long, and see their children die

and still begging to live, for one more day
clinging to life, and life slips away

So welcome dear mama, and good bye dear dad
it is my time to go, please don't be sad

good bye my daughters, good bye my son
you came here separate, i leave you as one

remember that life, is full of surprises
who fight the hardest, win the biggest prizes

Friends and lovers, i have ever seen
in far away places, i have ever been

i could not forget you, or i'll be remiss
so thinking of you, and i blow you a kiss

I am not afraid, I am not scared
i did much more, than many dared

I saw things, that few ever will see
i was a free spirit, now i set me free

I am not scared, to see it all end
always wanting to see, around the next bend



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