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It's been almost five years, since I started my own blog here, instead of posting on the website of Slate.com.

My purpose was not to make a name for myself, but to educate the public about the realities of the world we live in today. I would have stayed nameless but for the google's programs that linked my names and identities to the point trying to stay anonymous was useless. I should have been more careful or computer savvy. 

Regardless, my mission is still the same, to talk to anyone who would listen, may be I will save some one a lot of headaches, if they decide to pay attention.

Whether we realize it or not, (and many do not really wish to be bothered) the world is in a flux. What with the natural disasters, one following the other, the markets, the up coming financial crises (and no, the one you are seeing now is nothing), and the political upheavals just a prelude to the real problems that will try to take over the humanity and will test the human resolve to survive.

What we have seen so far in last few years is just a tip of the iceberg. We have yet to face real and greater challenges, economic, natural disasters and real political upheavals that are bloody and messy.

For a long period of time, there were two "great powers" in a cold conflict to dominate the world, one came out the loser not because we drove them in to poverty, but in realty because they did not get creative enough to create more money for their failing system. In turn we printed so much money that it gave our own self an illusion of greatness, an illusion of riches beyond any ones imagination, we had more imaginary money than anyone else.

I disgust you! I did not start to warn you  yesterday, and you proved me right, you had endless wealth, you knew how to get rich and make everyone else rich at the same time, we were the greatest nation on earth ever. And we blew it.

I knew it, I knew it when I placed the caption under the banner of this blog, "IT IS NOT HOW I SAY YOU SHOULD LIVE, IT IS NOT HOW I WANT YOU TO LIVE, BUT THIS THE WAY YOU WILL LIVE", but we refused to change our way and became more stubborn, we denied reality. In the end the reality will always win over a false belief.

While we have an imaginary recovery going on, the delusion being promoted by our "elected" government to keep the peasants in their sleep, the country is losing the battle to stay on top around the world, we have been caught lying and caught red handed stealing. Our credibility lost and our friends don't know if they can trust us anymore, so we need be ready for a political paradigm shift also. In short the financial and political maps of the world have changed while most of the US is still asleep at the wheel.

What happens in Egypt will have grave consequences for the United States no matter where the chips shall fall. Whoever wins in Egypt, the US loses.

My friends will tell you, when the process started in Tunisia, I had said that if Tunis goes the Egypt will follow, I have been right so far, so far we do not have a good handle on Tunis situation even though we have the inside track, Egypt, however, is a different animal.

For all it is worth the situation in Tunis seems to have resolved peacefully, Egypt is still an on going story.  From day one the "new" vice president of Egypt was outed as a American agent, a hired hand of the CIA, a torturer for money, an executioner without even the decency of wearing a mask or remaining anonymous.

This is the choice the United States has made, this is the chosen one, this is the butcher the United States wishes to be the next ruler over eighty million Muslims and Arabs, an ugly and shameless choice.

If the butcher of  Al-Masr takes over, as the United States may wish, then all our facade of promoting democracy for the Muslim masses loses its last veneer,  and we are left shamelessly and hopelessly naked on the world stage, worse, the butcher could decide to mow down a few hundred right in front of cameras of Al-Jazira, and arrest a few thousand more just to make his point and Ms. Clinton could find herself in a awkward position trying to explain to the world why such was a necessary step in the direction of freedom and democracy.

We can not really allow the Muslims to take over their own countries can we? Like I mentioned earlier about Obama's choice of Egypt as a gateway to the Arab and Muslim hearts, they must be used to getting slapped around, or so Obama thought.

 But we face a financial and unemployment crisis of our own. If  financial corruption and huge numbers of the unemployed were at the root cause of the uprising in Egypt then how far we are from the similar unrest? Should we also worry?Apparently our financial mavens and the industrialists and politicians are just as unaware as the Egyptian gods were the day the walls came tumbling down.

On the face of it the Egyptians enjoyed "some freedoms", they could drink, watch soap operas and belly dancing and stuff, they were not being beaten for not going to prayers,  and with  good connections you could get real contracts and make money if you promised a bit of kick back ( just like here right).

to be continued


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Tom said...

I really appreciate reading your post about the history between America and the countries of the middle east. It very different from what I’ve read in history books and such, but it is accurate with the new information that is coming out all the time. It funny how much we don’t know about what our own government is doing, but what all the other news organizations around the world are reporting on. Most other countries must think were stupid, but we are just misinformed, at least most of the time in fact if you sit down with most people and tell them the facts and show them it doesn’t take them long to figure things out. I fear most people see where the world is going and just want to get it over with rather then fight it and enduring the hard ship to follow.