Sunday, February 13, 2011




And the Egyptian over throw their leader of thirty years, military takes control, Yemen and Algeria clamp down on dissent, things could yet get bloody, or may be I am just paranoid about the powerful trying to preserve their power and privileges.

And here we have Obama and the TEA party bent on cutting the deficit   , see who ends up paying for the cut backs.Will the poor and the working class wake up and realize how they are being shafted.

Something back fired, but more on that in an minute. For long I have asked that when the government spends borrowed money ( creates deficits) that money goes in to someone's pocket, in our case it goes to the Chinese but still most of it ends up with the rich, so the money that government owes is in the accounts of some very rich people, so why not balance the budget by increasing taxes on the rich? But in this perverted world, saying this makes you a socialist or even a communist for speaking the truth. Unless the people of this country understand this we have no hope of saving the country.

I live near a military post, a waitress told me that her employer had told her if she voted for Obama, he will cut the military spending and she could lose her job, I told her that if she voted Republican they will take away her food stamps, so I don't know how she voted, but I do feel bad, now Obama may be the one to take away her food stamps. America is till ways from waking up.

It sounds a desultory talk, but connect the dots if you will.  There is an uprising in Arab lands against corruption and abuse of the populace, could it come here? Could it happen here? May be not, but one should be thinking as if could.

We have all get used to the internet, to a facebook and twitter world, they are also blamed for the uprisings in Egypt and in Tunisia, what if Egypt had clamped down early on the internet? Not waited for two weeks before trying to shut down the access when it was already too later and the world media had arrived to watch the circus.

Much as it is hyped about, the internet does not feed anyone really, oh yes it has created some jobs, but it has also cost more jobs than it has created, do the numbers, many millions of jobs taken from the workers in the US and taken over seas, unemployment increased among the postal workers, the bank workers, store workers and on and on, it is actually starving people, and when you think the you can get stuff cheaper, then you must take in to the equation that if a Chinese is doing your job now and you have trained for a new career, then you are also working for less wages than you would have if the employment numbers were higher.

On the other hand, now the governments have been warned, the internet was supposed to be a toy to keep you amused and out of the way, now that the internet has been shown to be a problem for the rulers of the world, be ready for less access and more controls, may be via raised prices and higher charges for staying connected, it may be slow and gradual but it will happen soon.

to be continued.


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Tom said...

I am sure you have seen the net neutrality bill hold up, it would seem your prediction is coming soon. I don’t know if the American people can uprise against the government. If they do it peacefully it will be spin by the media as nothing but a bunch of radicals or socialist. And if they try and start a fight they will be slaughtered. As the story with the waitress that is the problem we can’t spend our way out of this and we aren’t taxing the top 1% enough, and if we tax them more they could cause problems which would hurt our economy no one wants to give up anything. We all want to blame it on the lazy non workers (and yes their out there) but there are many who can’t find jobs or who can’t adapt to changing job markets. It’s hard for me to say that because I always adapted myself to anything I have done signs, printing, shirts, art work, painting murals, graphics, logos, ditch digging, farm work, and computer repair and I though myself how to do all of it so it hard to realize their our others who can’t do this but I seem to understand it more now I never though what I could do was all that special until you find so many who just aren’t able to do it. Not to mention if certain forces in the world get their way we will all be working for nothing they just don’t feel any need to share, their times worth something but yours isn’t. I always like how they say we need to reeducate and go into new fields, how many new fields are their, how many people can these new fields support, and how do some of these people go and support a family while at the same time reeducate themselves. When my grandfather was working nights to become a electrician and days as a plumber assistant he didn’t have to worry about the kids because his wife took care of them but now a days with out two incomes it very hard to make it. And even if the top 1% decided to pay more in taxes the government would end up wasting it I am afraid, I believe that most American’s feel this way. But we don’t know what going to happen we can guess and try and figure out but really can we say with any certainty that we know what going to happen, you said once in one of your post that their has never been a time like this and that guessing at the future was impossible, I can tell it seems from some of your post that you our coming down rather hard on the nature of your fellow man and I understand that but we have to have a little faith in mankind their has been countless times when we should have all died and we made a come back sure sometimes we get a Hitler instead of a George Washington but maybe if we are lucky we just get someone in the middle. Anyway your post are great and well appreciated. Oh since you posted some neat songs I’ll give you one you might find to have interesting lyrics.