Monday, December 20, 2010


12/20/ 2010


Here it is 20 December 2010, a month ago the right won big in the elections, and no little thanks to the the group called the TEA Party,  so why have I taken upon my self to write the obituary of the same group that seemed invincible five weeks ago.

First of all you should know that the American media are business of hype, because hype sells, and in truth the media are not in the business of news at all, they are in business of entertainment. And the TEA party has been entertainment  if nothing else. Look at Sarah Palin, right there is a pile of crap you could write volumes about,  her family, her money grubbing lil fists, her alleged affairs, her fake diplomas so much fun all. Then you have Michelle Bachmann , and who can forget the sweet lil Christine O'Donnell (remember her? oh sorry, the wrong video, bummer), it was of course the big time for the "Fox News". If Fox News can even be called news at all.

In 2008, we had a choice between an under qualified Obama, and a McCain who thought that since he was a prisoner of war ( mind you  there were thousands of others also), America owed him the presidency, both were equally unaware of the problems at hand. 

There is a "trick" ( no pun intended) in prostitution, a pimp gets a new girl and gives her drugs, then he withholds the drugs until she gets a customer, soon she is not talking bad about the drugs as her problem, she will not talk bad about the pimp who is prostituting her, she will curse her family how they treated her bad (be it a fact or not), she will talk bad about the johns, but not the drugs or the pimp, she can not see anything wrong with either.  Such is the story of people and their love for their particular political belief, no matter what and how things may go awry, it is never the drugs or the pimps. And the politicians they are just happy running their whores. Such is the story of the TEA party, they can not see anything wrong with having large tax cuts for everybody, especially the monied ones, they do not see how they have become the "hookers" for the Republicans and the talk show circus (I know), and how they have been used.

What other evidence should be required, the Republicans passed the   Republican-Obama tax cut deal before the TEA party clan came to town, you and I know this will increase the budget deficit and there are no spending cuts, the civil service people and the social security people have already been screwed out of pay- benefit increases, civil service in the name of spending cuts( a lie) and the social security people as there is no inflation ( an even bigger lie) , when the TEA partiers get to  the congress they won't have much to get done, the budget is done and no cutting to be done, unless you feel suicidal in the political terms, in other words Mr. and Mrs. TEA party were screwed by their pimps in the Republican party who used them to get  elected and then cut deals with Obama and passed the Democrat agenda. HAHAHAH

As the TEA party agenda has been undermined by the Republicans now, when they do get to town (Washington) and start their diatribe about the budget cuts and try to cut off welfare and social security and taxes all at the same time they will sound exactly who they are, a bunch of  angry and whacko "crack whores" ( no insult to the crazies, crack users or the prostitutes intended).

We hear daily from the right wing of the right wing party as to how Bush economy was so great and all the fuck up is Obama' s fault and that he destroyed the economy, so here is the proof you need , Bush in his own words, but the right wing media keeps harping about the failure of Obama,and some TEA party morons keep nodding Amen's. the stupidity.

Obviously the lie will not hold up for another two years.By the time next election cycle comes about the multi-millionaires, Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Riley, Beck and Sarah Palin would have retired with their monies in the bank. The economy and the country will be on the ropes again with no "stimulus" forth coming. With the states and the cities and many private  businesses being broke, many retires will lose their pensions, people on medicare and medicaid will be dying even without the death panels. And there will be no longer a TEA party, which  when unable to cut the defense spending and reducing the health care costs will either have to raise taxes or will have let the ship of the country crash in to the rocks of the higher deficits.



Stephen Dias said...

Well done piece, please keep it up.
Stephen Dias

Tom said...

The parties will use who ever they can to keep hold of power. They use to at least throw a few scraps our way, but now I guess don't feel like it. Oh and by the way the photo of Sarah Palin is a fake.

The Prophet said...

Tom, thanks again, I knew the pic was fake but it matches her words so good, I'll change it though.

A very merry Christmas to yoU and your family.

Tom said...

I just said something because people might say that fake so why listen to any of the points listed. One thing wrong and they throw the whole message out.
Thank you. I hope you and yours had a good one too.