Thursday, July 22, 2010




I had been writing about predicting the future, sadly though most people are either not interested that much, or worse they have their collective heads stuck in the sand too far.

If you are a frequent visitor to this page, and I know that not many are, still I wonder if you have ever referred anyone else to this page, ever wonder why with all of this going on in the world, why should you even bother learning what I have to say in my  crazy rants. And if you think I have something worth listening to, something that I was right about, would you tell others?

I do have a message, and if any one had listened to me then , fifteen years ago, we would not be here. But I understand , really do. I don't believe in your God, I don't believe your philosophies, I am not in your political party, don't believe in your fiscal or monetary theory, and don't worship your political idols, so it is O.K. I am O.K. with it.

Any way, where will the next shoe drop?

It is not just what is going on in the USA that matters anymore, but we are in to  self indulgence, may be even some self pity.  Self pity being the more evident. Not just Blacks complaining about the past of slavery, or Mexicans illegals wondering about their jobs, the middle class America that was fooled in to believing that it was their birth right to be slackers and  live like millionaires are now whining that their dreams have been stomped upon.They want  drill baby drill, they want government to a lot them the contracts ( that would not be a hand out?) but  lower their taxes and balance the budget, GET REAL!

What will this country look like if the government keeps borrowing ( liberal plan to destroy the country) until the economy kicks back in ( ain't happenin), but what will this place look like, if we did away with social security, medicare/ medicaid, food stamps, the education department (teachers too), the FDA, blabla, can you say Mahicoo?

Just read some comments here,

Like I have been saying whether you follow the Republican plan or the Democratic plan, the country is destroyed and the result is the same.

As the country is being divided (in the name of unity of course) the fault lines between the left and the right, the liberal and conservative, the rich and the poor, White and Black, Christian (Baptist) and every one else, keep getting deeper and deeper. If you have never seen a country break up you may just be looking at one, living in one

While most people have been worried about inflation, the deflation scenario is just as bad if not worse, with the current debt of the US at "13 trillion, yes I know it is a lie and a joke" and a stalling or slow economy, the taxes will have to rise fast to keep up with the payments on the debt, all thought the interest rates are about three percent (10 year treasuries), more taxes will have to be extracted from a lower or constant GDP, thus removing incentive and the ability to invest, how we get out of this is any one's guess, the FED and the congress surely do not and, ( no we can not go back to the days of when the constitution was written, with all the indentured slavery and poll taxes, and rights of the property owners above the rights of the have nots, or can we?) , from the CNN Money, Buzz""

We must understand the the religious division in Pakistan and the drug wars in Mexico are the same, and then you will see the we are going down the wrong path ourselves. The Pakistani "religious" wars and the Mexican drug wars are both about money, political power and the control of the resources, and if you look at the American divisions today they are not as much about Democrats and Republicans, their roots are also about political power, money and control of resources, a scary thought indeed.

If you  look at the suicide bombers, or look at the Mexican drug gang members both are easily willing to die for very little in return, they have nothing to loose, and their societies brought them both to this point, poverty, lack of education, lack of opportunity, and more than anything else, lack of power to do anything about their miserable condition. We as a society are pushing our own members in to these dark corners.


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Tom said...

So it comes down to poverty. That an easy conclusion, but isn’t it one that incorrect how are they poor, what is poverty a lack of material wealth or lack of food and shelter? Are they just not being keep from resources either through religious teaching, financial systems, & in some cases military might. If it where not for military might couldn’t the Iraqi people have been well off. It would seem that the number one problem for most peoples of the world are there own governments and corporations who have no interest in fixing any problems or trying to make the world run for the benefit of all but instead divide us so were so busy killing one another to notice there the problem. But even if we did get rid of them we are still faced with the problem of limited resources. There really seems to be no solution. Maybe the wars we our having are really a way of lowering population so that we will have more I mean can you imagine if Vietnam never happened how many more people would be in the world right now. But I don’t know the idea of some how telling people and the government to live with in it’s means just seems impossible. People myself included feel entitled to some things. I was always taught never to take out loans or to owe anybody, to this day I have no credit score but I own everything I have out right when I tell people this you think I grew two heads out of my back or something living in debt is a natural state to them this is also a problem they don’t know what being a slave is even thou they are slaves they work 45% of the year for the government and the rest for the bank. This along with freedoms is something they don’t know about. In years past you could build a house and as long as it was for personal use you didn’t have to pull permits or get it inspected it was your land and your head that the thing was going to fall on if you didn’t do it right but laws that where only for companies got but on the individual until we are treated as such. So you have it right to a point but if it is the type of poverty you speak of I see no way of giving them hope except to tell them to go and try and set up there own place if Mexico isn’t good to you go some where and set up your own country and run things your own way I actually had a neighbor do this set up his own town got it declared and everything, so why not.