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Tom commented "
So it comes down to poverty. That an easy conclusion, but isn’t it one that incorrect how are they poor, what is poverty a lack of material wealth or lack of food and shelter? Are they just not being keep from resources either through religious teaching, financial systems, & in some cases military might. If it where not for military might couldn’t the Iraqi people have been well off. It would seem that the number one problem for most peoples of the world are there own governments and corporations who have no interest in fixing any problems or trying to make the world run for the benefit of all but instead divide us so were so busy killing one another to notice there the problem. But even if we did get rid of them we are still faced with the problem of limited resources. There really seems to be no solution. Maybe the wars we our having are really a way of lowering population so that we will have more I mean can you imagine if Vietnam never happened how many more people would be in the world right now. But I don’t know the idea of some how telling people and the government to live with in it’s means just seems impossible. People myself included feel entitled to some things. I was always taught never to take out loans or to owe anybody, to this day I have no credit score but I own everything I have out right when I tell people this you think I grew two heads out of my back or something living in debt is a natural state to them this is also a problem they don’t know what being a slave is even thou they are slaves they work 45% of the year for the government and the rest for the bank. This along with freedoms is something they don’t know about. In years past you could build a house and as long as it was for personal use you didn’t have to pull permits or get it inspected it was your land and your head that the thing was going to fall on if you didn’t do it right but laws that where only for companies got but on the individual until we are treated as such. So you have it right to a point but if it is the type of poverty you speak of I see no way of giving them hope except to tell them to go and try and set up there own place if Mexico isn’t good to you go some where and set up your own country and run things your own way I actually had a neighbor do this set up his own town got it declared and everything, so why not." I could agree with much of what Tom says, then I will also bring to your attention the following two  post, then may be we can have more discussion of the problem of poverty, population capitalism, communism, freedoms and greed


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Tom said...

It would seem that economics and society policies are connected and intertwined greatly.
We have to over come are societies problems to fix are economy and vise versa.
I heard once not sure how true it is but there was a program that was going to be done in a few states that would pay for fixing people who didn’t have the money for the operation. And if I remember correctly it was never put in place because it was considered racist and compared to genocide, even thou there are more whites then poor blacks and other minorities.
Every time some one goes to do something there ideas are knocked down because of isms liberalism, conservatism, communism, capitalism. Maybe some one will make a political lobby to try and change things I neither have the money or the know how in these areas to do this but maybe someone can.