Wednesday, August 16, 2006


So once again, it a game of connect the dots. The question as to who won the conflict between the Israelis and the Hizib-Allah can only be answered as, “it depends”.
For sure those who seek martyrdom will have to wait for another day, just as those who wish, and wait for the end of times, for the Armageddon and the Apocalypse must again stand down.
If you have only listened to the “meat head” ( Sean Hannitty) to get ALL the news and information, listened to Bill for “no spin news” or get your dose of reality from Limbaugh or Savage or Boortz, a shame, you have been kept in the dark. We did not turn any country into a parking lot, or send them back to the Stone Age. Where as I do my own thinking and analyses and I can be objective, because I am ME.
Just as hope is not a strategy, wishful thinking does not predict the outcome. If we believe that the suicide bombers are misguided, then do we not need to look at our thought of going nuclear in every two bit conflict around the world? Sure we have the power and technology to decimate any enemy, this is not a Hollywood movie and we do not (not yet) send Apaches after the hoodlums.
At best the conflict between the Israelis and the Hizib-Allah came to a draw, because the Hizib- Allah was hitting Israeli tanks with shoulder fired missiles and the Israelis did not wish to pay the cost. The biggest loser was once again the United States with her support of the Israelis in their campaign.
If you did not notice, or no one told you and thus you did not know, there are simple reasons why Israel or the United States did not attack Syria or Iran directly. The reason is OIL. What if the flow of oil from the gulf is cut off, even just for a week or two? For sure our economic house of cards will fall, with the gas prices sky rocketing, inflation and unemployment, along with our ability to service the eight trillion dollar deficit, not to mention the social security hole that we have dug, and the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation. And if the prince of peace ever shows up, would you like him to find you working for the increase the minimum wage or health care for the poor or will he find you shouting, bomb this and bomb that.

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