Thursday, August 17, 2006


Rules of the Game

So you are wondering what is it that I know that is so special, or if I know anything at all , or is it my purpose to start a new religion. Rest assured I am not here to start a new religion, I believe actually that all the currently practiced religions are great only in how miserably they have all failed, you will learn about this as we go along. I do have some observations that I wish to share. Though the list here is not totally complete but it will be a start and you will learn more as we go along, I promise to keep it up dated as the time shall allow me to.

1. We have all been sold into slavery, we just don't know this yet.

2. A majority of the mankind is totally useless and worthless, they only suck up Oxygen and are a net burden on the natural resources.

3. The modern society is so complicated that a person of average intelligence is lost, an IQ of 110 just does not cut it.

4. Morality and commercialism are mutually exclusive (cannot co -exist).

5. Morality is that commodity for the middle classes for which the rich have no use for and the poor can seldom afford.

6. If you are only out to get laid, you are bound to get screwed.

7. Stupid people have more intresting lives.

8. Most important, do not become as the one that you hate the most

9. Bad luck always follows bad decision making

10. Although we can not prove that stupidity is hereditary, it can, however, be shown that it is extremely contagious.

11. When you are eating shit, changing spoons will not improve the flavor, or mask the fact.

12. Kissing frogs is one thing, but sucking on chili dogs, OUTSIDE TASTIE FREEZE, that's quite another.

13. The first step to becoming a queen is that you stop screwing the janitor, and the mechanic and the gardner.........!

14. When it is all about "ME", then "ME" is an asshole.

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