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Let's go back to lesson one, that is, " There is a cost to being stupid, cost of being stupid can be measured in dollars and cents." (M.N.R.)

I am proud of myself ain't I, quoting my own self every chance I get. I do, shamelessly, because as stupid as I have been time and again time has only proven me right. So the social security is going broke because we love to shop at Wal-mart!

How can you say that you ask, I am glad you do, because I am right, let me repeat myself, social security is going broke because you love to shop at Wal-mart!

We are facing a "fiscal cliff", so we are told by the propaganda machine, "entitlements must be cut say the Republicans, we can not hurt the poor too much say the Democrats. Yet as time goes on, and we will see, that the rich get to keep a lower tax rate than they had when W started, and lower than when Clinton was in the office, yet the programs for the poor and the elderly will be cut, including of course social security, too bad you have not been reading this blog since I started it six and a half years ago, you will not notice that this is all a rehash of what I have been saying all along.

First of all you must remember,  you have been told to forget by the propaganda machine also called the media, left and right does not really matter, that social security is NOT an entitlement, it is your retirement plan that you funded with your money that was supposed to be safe guarded by the federal government, remember "the full faith and credit of the US government" bull shit?

Well since Reagan that money has been spent, the vaults are empty but for the IOU's of the same government that has stolen your money and spent it with full blessings of the Democrats and aaaah so nice Republicans, another one of the working man's sell out Reagan. For thirty some odd years both Republicans and Democrat governments and congress have taken the deposits to social security and spent it , as on offset to the budget deficits.

Yes it ti is true, you are living longer you working class filth, so we must increase your "retirement age, it not not like "making money" sitting on your ass all day at a computer in your bedroom, you are out raising crops and making roads and digging ditches and sweeping the factory floor, you need to work till you are seventy or eighty years old, may be you should volunteer to stand in front of a death squad in the end, only the rich people have a right to a long and happy life in retirement not the working scum.

Now the second kick in the ass of the working poor is/was the two wars not paid for and the housing boom. Even as the government was stealing the funds from the social security deposit to finance operations and wars and military buildups, the FED had to drop the interest rates lower to keep the deficits lower, ( low interest rates kept the servicing the federal deficits manageable. It worked to point, lower interest rates kept the borrowing costs lower for the federal government but the also lowered the interest payments on the money borrowed from the social security trust fund low. Under Clinton, due to the dot com bubble the employment increased and thus the contributions to the social security trust funds were higher masking the larger outflows for retirees, under Jr, the employment increased for a while  due to higher hiring by defense industry, the war machine and also the housing boom helped (fueled by the lower interest rates mind you , not because poor blacks and minorities were buying million dollar condos on the beach).

Thirdly,  as the secret is now out, since Regan the wages of the American workers have stagnated or gone lower, you know what that means? Lower wages mean that the contributions to the social security trust fund have been lowered compared to the inflation rate also,and as the wages continue to drift lower, union busting, Walmartization of the economy, competitiveness, ( but workers in China and India can do the same job cheaper!) the wages keep going lower and so the money in the trust fund is going out faster than it can possibly come in, do the  math.

You know that the Republicans do not want to  pay a whole lot to the working class other than the lip service, and you should also know that the Democrats are a sell out too and they will never tell y9ou the whole truth, OBAMA INCLUDED folks!

Social security is floating on thin ice,  it is like the polar ice cap too thin to support the heavy weight of the baby boomer retirees, no band aids will fix it, the unemployment is not about to go down and the wages are not about to go up, in basic economics, the higher unemployment will push the wages down, it is supply and demand folks, and you have been screwed.

Five years,m ten years, fifteen years outs, the social security will be broke and unsalvageable., That was the Regan agenda, he succeeded from the grave, I told you this then, he hated poor people and he hated social security more, you will not have social security, your 401K will not be funded, you won't have anything tho put in to it, your employers will not put anything in your 401K plan either, they have a plan for you, Democrats and Republicans, a great plan, WORK HARDER AND DIE EARLY!


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