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Every one, every where, wants to change the things they don't like, sometimes they will pray, talk to others about the conditions in negative terms, beg someone to change, depends.

When people do not like things at national or political level the will vote for a change, change political parties, affiliations, or petition or protest for change, some times they feel unable to bring change by peaceful means, and when unable, they will revolt.  Always the first step being the disagreement with the conditions, yet you must know the things are bad, you must be aware that the situation must change, and have a desire to cause that change.

But what if you are not interested, you know you don't like the way things are but you don't wish to say rock the boat. What if you are physically disabled? Worse, what if you have a mental defect and you don't even know that you have a problem?

There is a train coming and you are walking down the track, you are deaf and blind, worse, you are in a drunken stupor and passed out on the tracks while the train approaches, you are dead meat before you know it.

A friend on Facebook made this post, " "When the end is absolute, historically speaking, and when it is believed certain of realization, it is possible to go so far as to sacrifice others. When it is not, only oneself can be sacrificed, in the hazards of a struggle for the common dignity of man. Does the end justify the means? That is possible. But what will justify the end? To that question, which historical thought leaves pending, rebellion replies: the means. " ~ Albert Camus, The Rebel

For many years now, I have been watching the human condition, from the economic card tricks being played by the governments world wide to the declines in society and social values, break up of families, cohesion of humanity, all in the name of progress.

I have longed for changes, worse I have tried to wake people up from this stupor that we are in collectively, we have been conned, all of us, or may be we have allowed ourselves to be fooled by the magic tricks money, we took the poisoned apple and ate it and fell asleep. 

A revolution can only began when one first become aware that there is something wrong.

 For a couple of generations now, the TV has told us, it is OK to be stupid, psychologists have told us it is OK to not care. We live in world of dreams and of high living standards financed actually and only by the government debt, while in turn that money ends up in the pockets of bankers, super rich and yes the foreigners. We do not yet realize that we have been fooled. We have been sold in to slavery.

When this debt is called, we will have a depression of Biblical proportions with no way out. Then we will do what we are told, we will work for starvation wages, we will agree to have few or no children at all, we will work sixteen hours day just to earn subsistence.

Ever the optimist, Albert Camus, is making two assumption that we lack today, first is human dignity. Today the dignity is in short supply, actually it is taboo to have dignity, we are all common people. I have mentioned it before, I went to see Disney's "The Lion King" with my five year old daughter, I was screaming when I left the theater, trying to tell my little girl that the movie had a wrong message, the sons of kings don't go and live happy in slums, they don't lower themselves to eat bugs, lions are kings of the jungle, there is no such thing for the sons of the kings as "Hakuna Matata. My poor child probably did not know why daddy was angry.

Surely Disney did not wish to brain wash five year olds, surely this was not the first incident of undignified behavior, and hell it was just a cartoon for the kids right. But we had the mother of the future king of England screwing every Tom, Dick and Harry, NO? And how about the president of the United States getting a blow job from a girl the age of his daughter, why Nixon resigned and Reagan admitted to lying about Iran Contra, human dignity my dear Albert seems to be lacking here. We are willing to eat bugs and live in garbage dumps.

I am not done yet really, we should also talk about the means, soon



A study of our history will show that one of the ways the slaves were kept down was to dehumanize them. Slaves, and more particularly the female slaves were not supposed to be deserving of honor, they were not worthy of having any dignity or self- respect, of modesty or shame, or privacy of person. The slaves could not complain if their wife or daughter or sister was taken for sex with or without consent. And a master could see them naked or near naked if he so desired. We have surely come a long way, baby!
In the old days, the slaves were not allowed to have any shame, dignity or honor and education, in the 20th century we surrendered it all willingly and called it progress. Mohammed N. Razavi , 2004.



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