Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Woodrow Guthrie Should the Church of England, or any religion for that matter, be forced to marry gay people?

I do believe we are talking about the monotheistic religions here, Church of England just being a branch of  the vast tree of the intolerant and confused dogmas. What does any religion today, as being practiced by a majority of its followers, has to do with it's origins and practices of its founders. Religions today are made up of groups of people that do whatever they like in their daily life yet on Fridays (Muslims), Saturdays (Jews) and Sundays ( most Christians) get together to slap each other on the back for being such great  servants of their "Lord".

Stop the BS, you are not fooling anyone with an open mind or a working eye sight. As I have said before, why are we so worried about the gay marriage while we ignore all the rest of the admonitions of our faith? Is it to impress god, if so I am sure he sees you as liars, and hypocrites that you are.  What value is the straight marriage, better yet how about the clergy's abuse of the flock, what is the church's stand on poverty, corruption of the politics, on bribery, For long churches, and synogages and Masjids been silent on abuse of the poor, the widows and orphans,

It is clear from following the practices of the faithful that the people are at their most religious only in the matters that do not directly effect their own conduct and personal lives, and the churches are happy to provide a cover for their "sins". In truth, today's churches are shops dispensing  fake remedies and spreading the evils of hate and discrimination for their own selfish purposes, making a lot of money, I truly believe preachers should be asked to get real jobs and pay taxes. Short of this much I see no problem in requiring them to marry gay persons, though I don't think that the blessing of preacher means a damn, but if there be such fools that think it important then so be it, marrying gays would be no different than marry a couple where the female is eight and half months pregnant, or blessing a dinner at the house of someone taking bribes, or even murdering the innocent around the corner or half way around the globe.

 They have as much of right to be confused about god and religion as anyone else, why should the fantasy of the straight people be preferred over the similar fantasy of gay people. They are as much a creation of the same gods as the straight people are, they are not the children of some lesser god. We do need to step out of the darkness. When religions were created there were no lights, no DNA testing, no information on the deviations of the genetic codes. People lived in dark homes so Islam required four witnesses to an affair, totally unnecessary when you can place a video cam in the house, rape can be confirmed with a DNA test too, women were not supposed to travel alone because it was dangerous in the desert for a woman without escort. Women needed to be covered because with only a few scores of people in town they would have been known by all and may have lead to something, good luck following someone in a city of ten million. Gays were different because god did not create someone imperfect, now we know better, I hope.


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