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Please note, this is not all complete, but I am tired now and must rest, talk to you soon.

I know I usually talk more about the finance or politics rather than society, but I have before and I want to talk some more about it today. I had missed the news totally, never had heard of Amanda Todd before today, that is until I saw a post where my nephew (from Canada) had commented on a post about the girl. Sorry she is dead, sad even, but in all honesty do I care, can I ? many of us pretend at moments like these, we express shock and grief and I know we have no idea of the reality of the person's life, it is just another moment in life of a self absorbed society to feign coming together and act lie we give a damn, we don't honestly,  we don't even know how, and nothing changes, death of Micheal Jackson, Casey Anthony story, Rihanna's boy friend beating the shit out of her, it is an occasion, we care we proclaim, we just don't know why the hell do we. It is diversion from our own miserable existence, our own miserable lives, someone else is more screwed up then we are, Hallelujah!

Don't mind me, if you wish, ignore me, I really don't give a shit, it my computer, and my time, this page is free and I got nothing better to do anyway, or you may want to listen, read on.

Back some where, when I was young, in 1972,  I wrote,  " I worry about big problems that I can not solve so I can Ignore my smaller problems that I don't want to solve".  I did not know then that I was not the only one, or may be over time the same has become the rational of the rest of the world around me.  Or like john Lennon said in his song Watching the Wheels,
"People asking questions lost in confusion,
Well I tell them there's no problem, Only solutions," we are all lost in confusion, and we have solutions, apparently, we just don't want to solve our problems.

Did you know that our society has problems that are fads mainly, you have a problem you can start your own new fad, we solve problems making them into fads, and soon we have "experts" coming out of the wood work presenting us with easy plans to resolve our problems, soon the problems go out of fad and there is no more problem, though it never did get resolved but we move on, WE MUST MOVE ON. WE ALWAYS MOVE ON. Now that is what I call problem, problem solving if you will. Oprah, Dr. Phil, the View,  Dr. Oz, or just read the self help books.

We talk about our problems like 1, we are all individuals, the society has no baring, somehow I have always believed that we are all society first and individuals second. And secondly that kids are just small sized adults, with not just all the rights but also with all the thinking and decision making abilities, of course if they are in trouble due to making mistakes they also are responsible for solving them. In that the parents and the society at large are contributing and are directly responsible for the mess the kids create. Only one thing I could agree with Mitt Romney about is this , that the parents are responsible for the teen violence, go figure!

What is modelling? NO, not the kind that is called a job where you make money, but modelling a behavior  to teach our kids right from wrong.

Before you start calling me backwards, a retrograde or any other names consider this please, it is not just the presidential candidates being involved  in name calling and finger pointing, it is the TV shows, it the Youtube the Facebook, all of them, and then there is parents, the family, if a mom brings a guy home to fuck and asks her daughter if he is cute, then is she not telling her daughter that it is ok to fuck guys if they are cute??????

Next what shows for kids have you watched lately? My kids are growing so I don't get to watch Nickelodeon or Disney much any more, but when they did and I watched, all shows, just about, had kids bullying each other, they all presented some kid as "lame" or stupid,  and everyone got to make fun of them. Watch the grown up channels, "The Real whores of New Jersey or where ever, any other competition shows, Watch Leeza, Watch Jerry Springer, watch Dr Phil talk down to people and make them look stupid for camera and the ratings, watch the court shows, I mean anything it is all about belittling people then we tell kids not to bully and schools to be responsible for the shitty behavior of our kids.

We watch people being tortured and maimed and put in to horrible situations in the name of entertainment. No I am not talking here about reality shows or talk show crap, look at the movies, the Jason series, the movie "Untraceable", Not the "Silence of the Lambs"  mind you but how about the "Final Destination"? If this is entertainment then what is a young brain picking up?


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