Thursday, August 11, 2011

To the London Rioters



I am not a bleeding heart liberal, or a compassionate conservative, I seek balance in my critique even though my sound like a radical to you  when I oppose your point of you and try to make you see the other side also. There is always the other side, sometimes putrid and despicable it may be  but there it is, asking you  to at least consider the counter point.


Had you been reading this blog you  would understand, time and time again I have warned of the moral decay of our peoples, a decay mind you  foisted upon us by the media controlled by who else, the rich, who are today complaining about our lack of morals. And what about the morals of those who are today even looting the people in the stock and Bond "markets"? Where was the morality and in the tech bubble, and the housing bubble, how about those whose retirement funds were looted in broad day light and their jobs were taken over seas and given to the slaves.

For many long years, I have lamented the lack of character boundaries, but both liberals and conservatives came after me, liberals in the name of the so called "human right" and the conservatives because I was not compassionate and religious enough, it will not end pretty I warned.

When I said that the modern world was not for someone  with a 110 IQ, I was an elitists, but here it is, it is only the start, it will only get uglier. We will end up with a world that is an ugly place to be in. Even if you  do come up on the winning side.

I am not an elitist, I am a realist, I look into the future, and look for the consequences of various actions that are put together, and not the individual incidents and actions taken in a vacuum.

Many years ago, 12 or so, I had declared that all money is imaginary, the concept is hard to understand, but it should not be, it is very basic economics.  The money as we understood was either created by labor, by adding value to something or thru investment and thus using labor of others to generate a profit. Due to modern monopoly games being played on the world markets  money started to be created out of thin air, and thus our leaders could claim that they had created untold riches, this they had, which was as I said akin to the snakes of the Paroah.

As the conservatives kept up with the facade of untold riches and the fake money, the liberals too fell in to the trap, you  did not have to work let alone work hard, you  could just tax the rich to pay  for breeders of all colors ( I mean what i say), white black or other, you  could just sit on your fat ass, drink sodas and watch TV and the mana from heaven should drizzle into your lips.  If you  worked you could spend more than you made because their will be lines of credits and loans with no questions asked, no one wanted to be real.

read my notes on this on my blog, link to it coming soon, it is not a one sided story here, be amazed at your own contribution


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rwuerthner said...

I keep hoping people begin believing their own two eyes and using their own mind, instead of listening to so called "leaders", who are in reality nothing more than criminal sociopaths.

Sociopaths on the right seeking unity via totality in dominating "morals" and "values" with some notion that their version of absolute justice is somehow better and different then all those int he path.

Sociopaths on the left who seek their utopia... their version of absolute justice... if only they could force those rich people to pay their "fair" share and control this bad behavior or that bad behavior, and soon we'd have heaven here on earth.

In other words, nothing new... sociopaths on the left & right seeking to bring their own versions on heaven here to Earth.

Then you have sociopath bankers who love funding the dreams of both other sociopaths, cause either way, they get interest... gladly funding loans be it for guns (the right) or butter (the left).

The rest of us here, just looking for a bit of common sense, are basically screwed... with a media owned by the same people who with the bankers (all sociopaths) stand to gain, regardless of which sociopathic version of heaven is pursued, love keeping this bullshit left & right paradigm alive.

As I said in the beginning, I truly hope people wake up, and begin thinking for themselves... until we break this faux left/right paradigm, we are hosed either way... the only "winners" are sociopaths.