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Ireland and the Tragedy of European Austerity

For too long we assumed that what happened in other places can not happen here, we were a special case, some even thought of ourselves as "God"s chosen ones.

 When will the reality set in, even now people are thinking it will pass. how can we assume this all. Read the headlines, we are talking about wikileaks, how does that bode for the freedom of the public to know what is being done in their name? 

Here are my comments from this morning on the on point radio

 "Democracy, in this world is not well served, and neither are we, when in the name of economics only.

We in public should know why and when our government, in our name is dealing with crooks, thieves, murderers and the rapists when it suits our purpose.
And when we are bad mouthing bribery and corruption while we ourselves are making deals with those who will sell their honor, their people their country and may be their own mother for a few dollars or may be a green card.
How clean we can consider our selves, in the company of pigs ( no disrespect to the pigs intended)."

Only when and if we first understand that the austerity measures of Europe  will also be implemented here in the United States  and soon ( congress has failed to pass the extension of the unemployment benefits, civil service employees have their pay frozen, and the rich will keep their tax cut) and then put it together with the freakish desire to control the information and making up of charges then you see what we are headed into is the government laying out the plan to control the populace. Why  does the government assume that we as a nation are too stupid to discern wheat from the chaff, or when  we know the info is good and when we are being shafted.

Sadly though the propaganda has worked  we got  whole bunch of poor masses, ( asses) to think they are rich Republicans paying too much in taxes, even the ones living in trailers and having grands kids on food stamps.

None of it is new  and the government has been anticipating this for many years and if you (check out these links)  did not see it coming it is your own fault.

A friend posted this link on facebook,

Land of the Free? Maybe Not for Long... Authoritarianism in the United States: Is that really where we are headed?

you may wish to read it, but is it not what I have been saying for years, " there is nothing wrong with this country and the world that Jesus Christ or a Joseph Stalin could not fix, and I know that Jesus is not coming".

As the ever dreamed upon recovery does not materialize 
the governments will have to deal with the unrest and will already have the laws in place to control the restive populations. And it will set up the basis for population controls, and the dreaded "death Panels",

Government Patents to Control Us

Patent 1,096,102 - The Hollow Earth Theory
Patent 3,951,134 - Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves
Patent 4,686,685 - Method And Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere
Patent 4,717,343 - Method of Changing Person's Behavior
Patent 4,858,612 - Hearing Device
Patent 4,877,027 - Hearing System
Patent 5,123,899 - Method and System for Altering Consciousness
Patent 5,159,703 - Silent Subliminal Presentation System
Patent 5,270,800 - Subliminal Message Generator
Patent 5,507,291 - Method and an Associated Apparatus for Remotely Determining information as to Person's Emotional State
Patent 5,539,705 - Ultrasonic Speech Translator and Communications System
Patent 5,629,678 - Personal Tracking and Recovery System
Patent 5,760,692 - Intra-oral Tracking Device
Patent 5,878,155 - Method for verifying human identity during electronic sale transactions (Mark of the Beast) Read more about this patent here: Mark of the Beast: The Patent
Patent 5,905,461 - Global Positioning Satellite Tracking Device
Patent 5,935,054 - Magnetic excitation of Sensory Resonances
Patent 5,952,600 - Engine Disabling Weapon
Patent 6,006,188 - Speech Signal Processing for Determining Psychological or Physiological Characteristics Using a Knowledge Base
Patent 6,011,991 - Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity
Patent 6,014,080 - Body Worn Active and Passive Tracking Device
Patent 6,017,302 - Subliminal Acoustic Manipulation of Nervous System
Patent 6,051,594 - Methods and Formulations for Modulating the Human Sexual Response
Patent 6,669,094 - Method of Embedding and Recovering Encoded Item Identification Information in an Emulsion by Means of Radiant Energy





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Anonymous said...

Very good article. There is definitely, in my opinion, reason for a growing concern.

People always want to say that just can't happen here... Well I ask why? Why can't it happen here? Does the laws of nature and economics some how magically stop at our shores?

I don't think so. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.