Thursday, June 24, 2010




Here we were , talking about  character and boundaries and keeping limits and the story breaks of General McChrystal  and the ill fated interview. you could agree or disagree with his comments, you could argue whether he should or should not have been fired. My point is as to what it reveals about us as a nation.

We have no secrets, we are Jerry Springer, Oprah, The Real Wives of New Jersey  nation. We discuss incest and affairs of the heart on national TV. Even the esteemed NPR does not shy away from a lady talking about her love (in a sexual manner) of her parrot, or a lady writer talking about the steamy, albeit, imaginary infatuation of a sister for her brother.

Isn't any thing sacred anymore, or a secret, then why all the fuss about a general letting it all hang out about his Commander-in Chief , even as we talk about the Gore break up in a number of tawdry terms.The hypocrisy of us asking others and more specifically asking of our leaders to be something different than we are. In reality, if art imitates life, and the sitcoms and the reality TV is what we are as human beings, I don't hold much hope for our future, with or without McChrystal, I actually don't think we should have a future.


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Tom said...

agree that are society is losing boarders and boundaries, but this is not the first time even in American history that this has happened, in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s there where many little gossip rags that sold as well as major newspapers of the time, not to mention the seeder mail order books there where the precursors to Playboy and the ilk. It took time but by the 1930’s we had basically put all of the boundaries back, it wasn’t till the late 1950’s that we thought it was shameful to hide things that just didn’t need to be talked about. Now of course everyone wants there talk about there personal lives because of the fame game. Our need to be noticed and loved is out weighing are need for privacy. It’s causing us to talk about things, and in some cases make up things to get attention to find some sort of group to belong to no matter what group that might be, and with the internet you can find people who are into anything. In fact you could say that we have come to hold those with mental issues up as the new norm and if your have a normal life you are some how abnormal or even worse in some peoples minds boring. Take Lady Gaga please, she is a prime example of someone who does the bizarre just to be noticed, if she just sang her songs and did so in a normal fashion no one who pay her a bit of attention but do so while half naked riding a zebra down a one way street with a lobster on your head and then people notice you.

Now some of your other writings remind me of something Bill Maher once said “That as adults we should be able to have media where every thing isn’t censored just for the sake of children.” this is the feelings of many groups, but what Mr. Maher and they don’t realize is that being and adult means that we have the good sense to censor ourselves so that children are not harmed by things they shouldn’t see and are not old enough to understand.

If you want to truly see something that is sad look at the new Smurf movie coming out. I’m a cartoonist so I know a lot about cartoons and such, the Smurf where created by a French cartoonist who wanted to create a non-violent adventure stories for young children to encourage reading. I’m sure he rolling in his grave. The sad thing is that this isn’t a conspiracy to over sexualize children but literary the best these writers can do, they have no new ideas, and no desire to actually tell a story they just want a quick buck. If you have no new ideas there is the old rule sex sells that and violence and with our society always lining up for both it hard not to go the easy route. The thing is artist use to want to do more now most don’t care they will do anything as long as it will sell. That not to place all the blame with the Hollywood crowd are government and parents have just much blame in this as do they.

As always your writing are very thought provoking. Thank you for your work on them, and sorry if I get off topic.