Thursday, April 19, 2007

a reply to Varma, Hinduism and Islam

from a discussion at Topix

To Varma and all
Varma stated

But what Hindus didn't realize yet is the fact that Adharma, lies, unjustice has come in the form of Islam and they need to do their duty of protecting the Dharma from this barbaric murderous ideology which encourages its followers to wipe out other non muslims from the face of the earth..
There is still no religion India except traditions and cultures Hinduism is a wasy of life never made by anybody...
but one thing is sure, that Isalm has been created by a sub human, pedophile, rapist, mass murderer, Mohammad, who lusts for his sons wife... Islam is not even create by a human it wa created by a sub human a pshycopath who didn't distinguis between a daughter and wife, and like a sexual maniac went after ever women in his sorrowful life

get your facts right

religions were not created by any "gods" or "GOD",

as you say there are many problems with Islamic ideology, may be, but get your facts right please, even if Mohammed had a wife that was 12 years old, do not many girls that age and much younger get married today in India, Mohammed did not have a son, so he could not have lusted after his son''s wife, In Hindu religion a wife is obligated to kill her self in her husbands funeral pyre, do you deny that, even today thousands of hindu women suffer that fate, a widow in hindu religion is worthless. The Hindu caste system is still practiced today,and there are millions of Hindus that are considered untouchables, true?

Hindu tradtion of paying a man to marry one's daughter ( dowery) is still in practice, and as seeped into the traditions of Hinsuised Islam of Indo- Pakistan, is that not a fact? Today many Hindu families can not get a suitable man to marry their daughter if the family of the girl does not have enough money, even if the girl is otherwise beautiful and smart. Hindu wives as well as Muslm wives in India and Pakistan are abused by their husbands and in- laws without any mercy or recourse this goes from beatings to burnings with fire and acid, shame! Did not the Hindu God say that the Earth rests on the horn of a cow? Need i go on?

Be honest to your self, the one who thinks of fooling others is always fooling only one's self. Religions, all religions were created by man to control the society's wayward ways, that's all,, today we just set up newer laws, God, if ther be one, does not give a damn, thank you

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