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Regardless of what else you believe, there is a great problem coming up that must concern every living human being. We all can not live on this earth together. No I am not joking, it is just not possible for the human race to survive much longer in the form and the manner that we live in. Time and again I have discussed the problems of population, but our leaders, of all nations, of all colors and creeds refuse to openly inform the people of the dangers of the demise of man kind at its own hands.

How is that we think that a world can go on where seventy percent of the population does not even have enough to eat three times a day? Where just two percent of the population owns more than fifty percent of the wealth, and just the top ten percent of the people in the world own more than ninety percent of wealth. Should there be a method of distributing this wealth more equitably? Yes, I think so. But how? From whom do we take this money and give it to who? Should we take the money from the rich countries or the rich individuals? And how it will be used to better the lives of others? And in which countries? For what kind of populations? Do we have enough money to help EVERYONE?

United Nations and its member countries are forever paying lip service to the eradication of poverty but there are no practical solutions being proposed and no one really wants to tackle the problem, thus fulfilling my longtime prophecy.

1. the world today is too complicated a place for a person of average intelligence

2. if 1 is true, then we are a point in evolution where the mankind will split along the smart and dumb intelligence line and the dumb ones will fall by the wayside

3. the world today is over populated and that many of us exist as slaves and don’t even realize this, and, that many of us are slaves by choice.

If the truth were being told, you would know that we are setting the stage for massive starvation ( look below at “the fool’s gold”). You would have been told that in the next twenty years or less the cars, as we know them, will not exist. That by the year 2050, man will be hunting man as a food to eat. But then you might turn off the TV and stop buying the crap on the super stores shelf and ask questions, and might even demand action to save the planet for your children and mine.
Take a look around you, there are no free countries, no free people. Governments are more and more in control of peoples lives, and these governments in turn are controlled, even owned by the big money. Your opportunity for a decent job, decent education and a decent future is more and more limited. Earlier I have discussed as to how one can only become rich by employing more and more people (“Death of America, the economy“), and paying them less and less for their (work) job, ( a smaller portion of the value added by one’s labor). I have talked of how Africa will be allowed to die off (The New World Order, 2003), I have talked about how local cultures are being destroyed, I have talked about how if we keep buying goods and services made by the slave like labor we will also end up being the slaves.

And we are, we do, thirty years ago in the United States if you were making a hundred thousand a year you were rich, really rich, today if you make a hundred grand you can barely pay the mortgage on a new dwelling and purchase new auto mobile. But if you work for some one today for a hundred thousand plus, you know you are working like a dog to earn it. And how do you think the ones making fifteen or twenty thousand a year are living. If you live in an industrialized country and are really proud of your standards of living, just remember soon you will be replaced by a computer, or some one somewhere who can barely speak English, but that is only for now mind you soon, real soon , you too will be out on the street scratching your ass wondering “ and I thought I had it made with my degree”. When putting you out of work is really Saving money, and you thought just buying more crap than you need at a “super center “ was IT.

If you are a doctor, you must make event the poorest pay in full for your services, because you have expense like tuition for your kids, and the club memberships, the mortgage etc. If you are an engineer you are probably designing systems to put more people out of work, or to make them more “productive”. If you are a store manager you are being made to make people hard as you can and cheat them out of overtime and to make them work part time thus without benefits. Many organizations, from the Burger King and Wal-Mart to the Subway do not like to pay over time or health benefits to anyone. An average manger today is the same as a slave driver of the biblical times.

Our leaders have for ever talked about the new consumers, new markets,
in Mexico, and in China, and India. It was twenty years ago when I protested against this lie, that is, if the people in those markets don not have any money, and if we do not pay them money ( have them earn a decent living and a generous wage) what will they buy from us, in reality we have only set up our own economy for a down fall. Today we are running up bigger and bigger trade deficits against China, and India and others. Only thing that is keeping the US economy afloat is the tremendous borrowing by the US government and the US consumers. All the while, the rich and the ultra rich (foreign and domestic) are loaning us money so they can own our futures. The situation (of our people and of our country) is no different than the situation of the share-croppers in India who end up having to sell their children to the land lord or their daughters into prostitution, just that we really do not have “A REAL NEED” to borrow money.

The president has been bragging as to how great the economy is doing, but he fails to tell us that he is spending money we do not have, that he is blowing our social security money, he claims that seventy percent of the Americans own their own homes while forgetting to mention that most of them are over their head in mortgage while the assumed real estate boom has jacked up the prices of houses and the idiots (home owners) have been borrowing against the unrealized gains in their home prices. As the decline in the real estate markets grows we could have a domino effect, causing bankruptcies for many many families. While some are advocating a housing bail out, it will only exacerbate the federal deficit problems, and sooner or later the high interest rates will have to be instituted to keep the inflation down, it will be again like back in the eighties , just worse.

Many among the believers are always waiting for the dooms day , the dooms day is at hand , but it will be nothing like in the Bible or Koran etc. We are writing the recipe for our own demise.

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