Friday, December 06, 2013

Thank you Mr Mandela

The last century gave us many great leaders, as always and all through the history,  it also gave us really bad ones. There were some that fought for human rights and freedoms, some that wished to oppress humanity for their purposes and some that stood by and watched, only for their own selfish economic ( not to say racist too) interests. Where we go from here? At least Three "terrorists" won the Nobel peace prize in the 20th century. 

Economic oppression of the masses continues. And it is not the other races anymore. Thanks to globalization economic oppression is worldwide with " no nation left behind".  The bankers and the IMF cheer the austerity in the EU countries, in the thirties 25% unemployment was the "Great Depression",  South African blacks rose up against the whites for similar economic injustices. Today the masses in Europe in the Americas, in China and Russia and in Asia are being economically enslaved and their countries economically raped and there are no Mandelas, no Kings and no Gandhis. All we have is the likes of Reagan, Thatcher and Putin, it does not bode well for the future of humanity. While the masses are asleep at their ipads and cell phones the real dangers to the humanity are ignored. 

There are no great voices to warn us of unimpeded " progress", technological or economical,  there are dangers in both. World needs a leader that understands the consequences of our folly.

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