Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Get Away With Murder

How To Do Lousy Police and Prosecutor Work To Let A Murderer Walk Away

First make sure the murderer is white and the "victim" is black

Do not argue that a man with a gun will never allow an unarmed person just walk away .

Do not argue about the angle of the shot, if fired from below the shot would have angled up and away from the heart

Do not talk about the blood droplets drying on the mans head as they would have actually washed off in pouring rain, it was NOT a massive injury and bleeding

Do not argue that " stand your ground" can not apply when you pursue the victim and initiate the confrontation

Get at least one " trophy wife" to be on jury that thinks ALL blacks live in a different world than her own, or one that comes from a different planet

Absolutely fail to mention that in real America if you block some body without authority you will get punched, or worse

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