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Is abortion murder?

  • Mohammed N. Razavi I think the humanity has yet to define murder,( at least for me). Is war murder? Is death penalty murder? Who do we murder and for what reason?
    Some texts define male masturbation as murder of the sperm, millions of them, each time, but yet even if a guy has sex and it only takes one sperm cell to impregnate the egg, millions still will end up dead. ( Is eating cum cannibalism? That is for anti abortion people). If a female is unmarried, she is still passing an ovum each month, is that murder? How about having sex with a pregnant female? The sperm is still destroyed.
    When does the life begin? If it is at the moment when the sperm enters the ovum, then most life is destroyed by nature it self.
    Recently the abortion debate has taken more of religious tone, most of the religious want to impose their own brand of morality on the rest, it has nothing to do with freedom and choice, it is blatant religious oppression where common sense and human rights take a back seat.
    Why do we so phoo phoo the Islamist morons yet we wish to pose our own kind of sharia on others. It is not about rights of the unborn, you kill babies when you have oral sex. if a fetus would not be viable outside the womb, it is not human being yet.

    Define Murder!
    The idea of a constant thinker, an observer of life, is not to answer your questions but to provoke you in to thinking, to look at things differently than you are used to.
    To say that you are thinking is not to mean thinking just to reaffirm your own thoughts and convictions, but to look at life differently, to try and understand and to try to make sense of what and why someone else will say what they say.
    I do not go out on the limb, I don't need to, I live here. So when I say we have yet to define murder I am not out on the limb, for me murder is YET to be defined.
    If murder is the killing of a person then it should be so, but it is not. Think, a person is dead as a result of another person causing that death, is that a murder? You know and you have agreed that it is not always. We have justifiable homicide, negligent homicide, even lawful killings. Is murder then defined as a matter of convenience for the norms of society. Much of the murder in the Islamic lands today is not by some criminals but at hands of the rulers and the clerics. Everyday, everywhere we are implored to "think outside the box", we commit ourselves to "think outside the box", yet most of the time we don't even know that we are permanently locked inside our own minds.
    What is a murder? Hitler killed six million Jews, yet if we had had a chance to kill him, how would that had evened it out? We dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to save lives! And what if princess Di had been murdered so that the step father of the future king of England would not be an Arab and a Muslim to boot? The Pharaohs declared the were the givers of life and death, they were gods to be worshiped, in our own recent history kings and even presidents and prime ministers, of the "free world" have ordered killings of many without ever being called murderer by anyone. Obama himself has ordered murders of American civilians and their kids without trial and conviction, is Obama a murderer?
    Sadly most that are against abortion and consider it murder are one with Obama on this, while those that are for abortion are against these killings, define murder!


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