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 Don't blame me, I get tired of posting knowing no one comes here to read this blog, I leave links on site, but all those with already made opinions do not want to see or hear a different word beside what they already KNOW! The thing is if everyone already knows what is wrong and how to fix it then why are we in this mess.

I know, I know we are waiting for the Messiah, Muslim , Jews, Christians, we all wait and soon the salvation will come, we have waited for three thousand years,  I am almost sure it will not happen in my lifetime. But wait, the world will end on the 22d of December, no more problems.  But what if it does not happen?

We have an election coming up and if you are not convinced that Obama or Romney have a cure than you can vote for Ron Paul, that is your solution to the world problems, oh nice if you are a fool.

Let me try this one more time, if the world does not end on the 22d of December, and the Messiah still has not come, we are in deep deep trouble! It is said that the first step in solving a problem is to identify the problem, so let me tell you this, friend, you are the problem. We talk about the trade deficits and can't stop buying cheap junk made overseas, we talk about health care problem but we do not want to pay for any but want the best care in the world. we talk about the unemployment problem but ship the jobs overseas. We talk about no job but don't want to work, talk about welfare but don't want to pay a living wage, we don't want to go to school but want an office job with good pay.

 Feeding people does not create a lot of jobs, killing people and making wars, now that is jobs program, good paying jobs too, mind you!

I have told you in these pages, how the Republicans and the Democrats both lie,  there policies can not and will not work, to be honest, nor will the Ron Paul policies work in real world.

How can you imagine the we can have a government without taxes, we do not live in the eighteenth century,  and how did the people in the eighteenth century live any ways? No roads, no huge prisons, slave labor, black and white, no health care, no hospitals, no internet, telephone or airplanes. I know the writers of the Constitution were geniuses, but they did not live in the 21st century, did not what will happen in this century, so we DO need some fresh ideas now and then.

Time and time again, I have shown how foolish the ideas being promoted by the left and the right are, but mind you, we are Americans, we know it all already and we damn well stick to our guns,  no matter how stupid our beliefs in reality. My liberal friends will not not listen to reason, and my conservative friends already know it all too, no need for a real thoughtful conversation.

Let me tell you once again, just in case, I don't write to make money, I have enough ( not plenty mind you), I don't write for fame, I would have hired an agent, my goal as from day one has been to expose the truth, or to expose you to the truth, harsh as it may be and to make you confront reality, though that is hard too, but I plug along. I don't mind hard work, and I don't mind playing the game and making money to feed myt family and to provide for then a decent start in life.

 Time and again, in this blog, I have brought out the hidden problems in our thinking  as I saw them and as  I analyzed what was being done and said, the bottom line here is that ever since Reagan, we in this country have been living a lie, and as it is with all lies, they keep getting bigger and bigger because people keep catching on over time. Only now as average person has become dumber, as evidenced by their "firm belief in whatever they wish to believe in" it has become easier for the leaders to continue their lines.

See we elected Obama to end the wars and close Gitmo and  bring some civility back to the political discourse, but some because of his lying and some because of "opposition" by Republicans none happened but we are still willing to give him another chance because we are "Democrats". He is absolved of all his sins.
Lo that we were not so stupid, both sides tell us what we want to hear, that is about it folks while  they keep doing what do, both sides are the same.

How can we blame the politicians for being sellout or selfish when we elect them for our own selfish aims, funny we never think of it in this way, we always elect people for what we want them to do for us, then they go ahead and do only what is good for them and we blame them for it.

From Romney to the lowly Republican congressmen of late have picked up on the line "don't worry about the poor they have a safety net",  they just fail to mention in the same sentence that the first thing they want to do when they get in the office to chop up ,cut up and burn that safety net!

The Democrats keep promising that we can have all the things we want and the money will come from,,,,, where? they have kept the insane Bush tax cuts and are in bed with the banker, they hired a tax cheat for the treasury secretary,  Obama is wined and dined by the biggest bankers and oil chiefs and we keep buying his bullshit, hook, line and sinker. Are we in Iraq or out of Iraq? Why are we still guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan while we have "war on drugs" going on in this country? If we are at war in Afghanistan  and Iraq,  why won't we let the IRC visit our pr4ison and "dark sites". Worse, why is no politician asking questions about the daily rampage of our out of control police that are murdering the innocent daily and they are forcing girls and women to have sex with them with made up and trumped up charges.

It is all our fault really, we are keeping ourselves entertained and damn the torpedoes,

How can we understand the economy, let alone have an opinion on it when we can't make change for a dollar  or at least balance our check book, make a budget for the home, or avoid over draft charges on our debit card. "Stupid is as stupid does", really"

First thing we have to do in this country, the world, is to  realize, to acknowledge and face it that the money does not grow on trees, and that if money is created by "imagination" it is imaginary money and can and will go "poof" on you  some day. We saw that happen in 1987, it happened in the tech bubble in 2000, and it happened in 2006 with the housing bust. But we have short memories. We still think that the money will come out of some dark hole soon and we will all be rich.

The prequel to all of it, lest we forget started with Reagan, who was either and idiot or a sell out, (once again, I voted for Reagan the first time because he promised to balance the budget, I was still young and naive). His idea that tax cuts increase revenues to the government, did not work then and will never work. Either you let the government steal money from the rich thru taxes, or you let the rich steal money from the government that has no money and must print more to hand over to the rich making THEM get richer,

more will follow soon


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